Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates take on the final game changer task

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights as housemates take on the game changer.

Currently five housemates - Akeem Griffiths, Brooke Berry, Cian Carrigan, Sîan Hamshaw and Tomasz Wania - are up for eviction this week.

They were put up for the potential axe following a 'reverse nominations' twist that saw both viewers and housemates nominating their favourite housemates. Those with the least votes from both fans and their fellow housemates were put up for eviction.

Akeem, Tomasz and Cian were the trio who failed to impress their housemates while Brooke and Sian, as well as the already nominated Tomasz, received the least votes in the viewer poll, which remains unknown to the group.

But before lines open to evict one of them, tonight sees the final game changer task. All five nominated housemates will take part alongside Zoe Jones, as she is the richest housemate.

In one last twist, this week's Game Changer winner will have the ability to save TWO housemates, including themselves as always.


Big Brother reveals the new task tonight, called the Balance Of Power.

One by one, each of the six competing housemates will attempt a course of ever narrowing balancing beams.

Along the course are a number of flags they have to pick up. Each flag is worth a certain number of points. The winner will be the housemate who completes the course with the most points.

"Every single person involved in the game changer has never won a game before," observes Brooke before the task. "So when you've got five people , all wanting to save themselves, the odds aren't great."

Elsewhere in tonight's highlights, Lewis, Zoe and Cian continue with their punishment of being shackled together after breaking nomination rules.

Meanwhile, Lewis and Cameron come to blows while Lewis also gets on the nerves of some of the other housemates.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.