Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates face new Big Coin task

The Big Brother 2018 housemates get the chance to win more Big Coin in tonight's show.

This evening's episode sees it 'rain money' in the garden as so-called Money Balls drop from the sky into the house.

Housemates must collect as many of the balls as they can and fill up a container with their face on it.

However there are varying levels of enthusiasm about the challenge.

Cian, Lewis, Zoe and Akeem are among the first to get collecting, while Brooke and current richest housemate Cameron show a lot less interest.

"Oh there's a task outside," remarks Brooke from the bathroom.

Caught off guard, recently bankrupted Tomasz runs from the bedroom to the garden to try and win back some Big Coin.


Big Brother recently told the housemates that their Big Coin totals would play a bigger role in the game, and that was proved on Friday night.

There was a surprise double eviction on Big Brother on Friday as both Isabella and Hussain Ahmed were given the boot.

While the public voted out Hussain, Isabella was evicted by Cameron. As the richest housemate, he had to decide who went between her and Akeem after a round of speed nominations left the pair facing the second eviction of the night.

In this evening's episode, Cameron speaks to Big Brother about the decision in the Diary Room.

He says: "I feel totally terrible about yesterday and I don't think that feeling's going to go. People have said that I'll feel better in the morning but I feel even worse probably than I did last night."

Elsewhere, there's a water fight in the garden between Tomasz and Akeem.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday at 10PM on Channel 5 with a bumper 90 minute episode covering both Friday and Saturday's events in the house.