PICTURES! Preview tonight's latest Big Brother 2018 highlights

Here are all the pictures from tonight's latest Big Brother 2018 highlights.

This evening's episode is a 90 minute special, containing not just yesterday's goings on but also a double eviction.

In the highlights, there's make up talks for Zoe Jones and Hussain Ahmed after THAT huge row in last night's show.

Zoe tells Hussain: "Sorry for some of the stuff I said last night."

Hussain replies: "Honest, I apologise as well for raising my voice.I shouldn't have done it. it's stupid."

Zoe admitted: "I just lost my s**t. You just reminded me of someone and it p****d me off so much to the point where I just exploded in my head."

Meanwhile, other housemates speculate about who could win the series.


Cameron Cole tells Tomasz Wania: "I don't see many winners in here other than you and Lewis. I can see Sian winning."

Tomasz replies: "I think it's gonna be you, Sian and Akeem in the final and then I feel like you will take it but it's gonna be close between you and Sian."

Following the highlights will be the eviction results.

After another week of twists, Lewis Flanagan, Hussain Ahmed and Tomasz Wania have all been left facing the public vote this evening.

But housemates are currently unaware that there will be a shocking DOUBLE eviction tonight.

Following the results of the main public vote, the rest of the housemates will find out they're not safe for another week.

They'll instead face a surprise new twist that will see another of them given the boot, meaning two housemates will be heading home tonight.

Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 with host Emma Willis where all will be revealed.