Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates nominate once more

Here's your first look at tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights as nominations roll around again.

In this evening's episode, housemates are gathered once again to give their nominations in the Diary Room.

And as the game playing intensifies, paranoia runs wild.

Lewis takes aim: "Tomasz is a big f**king snake. He'll f**k anybody over to prolong his stay in the house."

Cameron observes: "I think today's nominations will be interesting. Maybe people for whatever reason have got a little bit tired of the game."

Hussain declares: "Hussain the Hurricane will come through and weep everyone out of here," before he gets called to the Diary Room and given some big news.


Yesterday saw housemates able to spend their Big Coins in Big Brother's secret auction, with a mystery prize up for grabs.

Hussain won the lot with a bid of 592 Big Coins - his entire balance.

"Big Brother has some very important news for you," Big Brother tells Hussain in secret tonight. "Big Brother can reveal you were the highest bidder. The mystery box contains the absolute power nomination. This means you can nominate one housemate who is then guaranteed to face the public vote on Friday."

Away from nominations, Lewis and Cameron decide to take a late night dip in the pool - but it lands Lewis in trouble with Big Brother.

He hits back in the Diary Room: "I felt like I wanted to run wild in a f**king imaginary rainforest and escape the fact that I'm in a confined environment with a load of f**king snakes."

Elsewhere, Zoe does Tomasz's make-up and Lewis has some alone time.

Big Brother 2018 airs nightly Sunday-Fridays at 10PM. The next eviction airs this Friday evening.