Big Brother 2018 spoilers as housemates face two new twists

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018 as the game steps up a gear.

As things stand, Cian Carrigan is the current richest housemate however that could all change this evening.

In tonight's (Sunday) episode, Big Brother shocks with a pair of brand new twists.

Big Brother announces: "Housemates, as you know Big Coins give you privileges in the House and the power in the game. You will all take part in a task that may impact your own and other's Big Coin totals."

BB calls the housemates in turn to the Task Room where they find ten piggy banks, one for each housemate.

Housemates each select five random coins from a money bag. There are four types of coins: +500, +50, -50 and -500.

The housemates will all have to decide who to give each of their coins to by placing them in the Piggy Banks of their chosen housemates. Those housemates' respective Big Coin totals will be adjusted according to the coins placed inside their Piggy Banks.

After that, it's time for Big Brother's weekend auction, where housemates can spend their Big Coins.


Up for grabs this week is a "mystery box".

"This lot is very valuable and is guaranteed to put the winner in a powerful position within the house," Big Brother explains.

Housemates are invited to bid for the box, unaware that it contains the power to make a killer nomination. The winning housemate will be able to immediately nominate another who will be guaranteed to face eviction.

"I'm trying to think who my next target is. I really wanna f**king win that money," declares Hussain as the housemates plot.

Zoe comments: "I'm strong this game can't break me."

Elsewhere tonight, Hussain tells Cameron his thoughts on Lewis, Lewis gives his thoughts on Tomasz and Cameron confides in Brooke about feeling left out.

Plus, there's all the aftermath from Kenaley's eviction from Friday night.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday night at 10PM on Channel 5.