Big Brother 2018 spoilers as Kay Lovelle breaks out and leaves the house

Here are all the pictures from tonight's Big Brother 2018 highlights as Kay Lovelle leaves the house.

A Big Brother spokesperson confirmed earlier today that Kay had departed the show overnight.

They staid in a short statement: "Kay decided to leave the Big Brother House in the early hours of this morning. The other Housemates are aware."

Kay leaving the House will be seen in tonight's episode, 10.15pm, Channel 5.

It follows Kay threatening to walk for the third time in the first two weeks in last night's highlights show.

Kay had begged to leave at gone midnight and threatened to breakout the fire door.

In tonight's episode - she does just that.

Kay's exit comes after she tries to clear the air with Lewis F after their row in last night's episode.

But it ends in another row, with Kay retreating to the Diary Room saying: "I can't be in this house with Lewis."


Kay asks to leave but BB responds: "Big Brother is asking that you sleep on it..."

However Kay reacts: "I'm not sleeping on anything. I'm sorry, no, I need to get out," before leaving the house.

Meanwhile, housemates react to the latest nominations.

Yesterday (Sunday) housemates nominated in the Diary Room for the second time this year and the results were revealed to the house yesterday..

Isaac Jagroop, Kay Lovelle, Brooke Berry, Kenaley Amos-Sissons, and Akeem Griffiths have been put up for the axe, although it could all change in the gamechanger task.

The result sent shockwaves through the house, with the group unaware that both Brooke and Kenaley have been secretly nominated by viewers rather than the housemates themselves.

Cian reacted: "What the f**k?!"

Elsewhere, Tomasz talks to Cameron about Akeem and Cameron and Lewis F chat about Kay’s departure.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 5.