Danny Jones spills on his victory as Piranha in The Masked Singer UK

Danny Jones as Piranha

Danny Jones has spilled all about his time as Piranha on The Masked Singer UK.


It was McFly star Danny Jones who won The Masked Singer’s latest series on Saturday night on ITV1.

He beat Bigfoot, revealed as TV presenter Alex Brooker, and Cricket, unmasked as singer Lemar, in a closely fought final.

Speaking about his victory, Danny said: “It feels surreal. Everything about this show and everything about what I’ve just done is completely surreal! I have become a Piranha, and no longer Danny Jones!”

Piranha on The Masked Singer final
Piranha on The Masked Singer final

On keeping the show a secret, he admitted: “Very hard and even more so now I’ve won. It’s been really difficult because I get excited by stuff very easily and I’m all in when I do something.

“I’m meant to be on tour. It’s been very difficult, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?”

He added: “I think that the boys (in McFy) will be very surprised. I am my own worst enemy, so I’m always like, “That wasn’t very good”, so they always build me up.


“They’ll guess me straight away.”

None of the panel ultimately guessed Danny, with names put out ranging from Tom Grennan, to James Morrison, Donnie Wahlberg and Elton John.

Danny said: “They’re all amazing, good guesses. I genuinely thought they would have got me a lot sooner. I think the clues may have put the panel off.

“There’s been a few panellists that I’ve known. They know my voice. I’m happy with getting compared to Tom Grennan, Brandon Flowers and James Morrison. You know what I mean? I’m happy with that!”

Meanwhile, Danny confessed it was “very weird” not knowing who he was singing alongside each weekend.

He shared: “You’re obviously always trying to guess or get a sneak look, but it’s not possible!. Even though you may know them, if you put someone behind a mask, you second guess yourself anyway.


“So even when I was watching at home last year, with Charlie (Simpson) I was like, “It’s not him!” You’re second guessing yourself. It was a fun game to play!”

The Masked Singer UK will return for a sixth series.