Who won The Circle 2021? Winner crowned in final results – spoiler!

The Circle results: 2021 winner confirmed

Who won The Circle 2021? The final results are in and here’s a full recap of tonight’s show.

After four weeks, The Circle’s third series concluded this evening.

Up until now the contestants have been living alone, never meeting in person and only communicating via The Circle. From behind their screens, they could choose to hide certain things, change their identity entirely or simply be themselves.

Those left in The Circle for the final were Andy, Manrika, Syed (aka Hashu), Felix (aka Natalya), and Tom (aka Joey and Pippa).

In tonight’s final, it was Natalya who won The Circle 2021, winning a £100,000 prize after catfishing as army boy Felix.

In the final, the five final players rated one another most to least popular. The most popular contestant won the game and the £100,000 prize fund. In the case of a tie, the player with the most Number 1 placings in the rankings was the winner.

Natalya as Felix
Natalya as Felix

The Circle results

1.= Felix (Natalya) – WINNER! As it was a tie, the player with the most Number 1 placings was crowned the winner.
1.= Manrika
3. Andy
4. Syed (Hashu)
5. Tom (Joey and Pippa)

The final tonight started with a blocking as secret super influencer Andy blocked Alice (aka Shabaz) face to face to leave the five finalists.

After getting a message from Alice/Shabaz the next morning, the remaining players were then surprised with video messages from home.

It was then time for the final ratings as the five remaining players ranked their rivals and decided who they wanted to win.

Before the results were revealed, the final five headed to the final dinner party where they met one another face to face for the first time.

the circle final results party
The Circle final dinner party

First into the party was Syed (Hashu) before being joined by Manrika. Felix (Natalya) was next into the room followed by Andy and finally Tom (Joey and Pippa).

Host Emma Willis then welcomed the finalists to join the past blocked players for the results.

The Circle airs on Channel 4.

You can catch up on past episodes of this year’s series as well as the first series via All4 Player.

Meanwhile applications for The Circle’s next series are now open if you fancy giving the show a go.

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