The Circle 2021 results: Who left? One player blocked by ‘super secret influencer’


A new super influencer made a face to face blocking on The Circle tonight.

Fresh from the latest exit, there was a brand new set of ratings in yesterday evening’s episode.

And this time the players learned that the highest rated player would become the secret super influencer, who had the power to block one other player without being identified.

“Today the ratings results will not be revealed. The top rated player will become the super secret influencer. They alone will choose who to block. Their identity will not be revealed,” The Circle announced.

Who left The Circle?

The Circle then revealed to Andy that he was the top rated player that he was the secret super influencer.

He had to choose the player to secretly block – and do it face to face by heading to their apartment.

Andy chose to block new player Alice – who was really Shabaz, seeing them leave the show and miss out on the grand final on Friday night.

Earlier in last night’s show, the suspicion around the newbies continued.

‘The Circle Fam’ aka Andy, Manrika, Syed (Hashu) and Felix (Natalya) continued to have suspicions that one or both of the two newbies could be recently blocked players Joey and Pippa.

The foursome continued their plan to pretend that they had fallen out, with Andy and Syed (Hashu) informing Alice (Shabaz) about the family feud.

But with The Circle Fam playing mischief, Tom (Joey and Pippa) trying to evade detection and Alice (Shabaz) trying to break through the alliances, a fiery showdown ensued between Alice (Shabaz) and Felix (Natalya).

Meanwhile, The Circle set the players a challenge to write a speech that would charm their fellow players into rewarding them a place into the final.

“You must write a persuasive speech that promotes yourself and explains why you should make the final,” instructed The Circle.

“I’m here to try and get that money and if I can put that across in the nicest way possible that could help me in the vote tomorrow,” sayed Manrika in her flat.

The Circle continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4

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