The Circle 2021 results: Who left? Latest player blocked ahead of the final!

The Circle results - who was blocked?

The latest results from The Circle 2021 are in – here’s who was voted out tonight!

In yesterday evening’s episode (6 April), the remaining players rated for the latest time this series.

Manrika and Syed (Hashu) were ranked top by their fellow players and became influencers with the power to decide who to block.

The pair went to the hang out with very different opinions – Syed (Hashu) was keen to block Felix (Natalya) while Manrika was keen to keep him in.

“Whatever decision we make is going to be a tough one because we’ll be losing a friend either way,” Manrika said in the pair’s chat, adding to herself: “We’ve got a massive problem.”

Who left The Circle?

Delivering the decision, Syed (Hashu) said: “This has been the most difficult night in The Circle. This decision honestly breaking the both of us because we having so much love for all of you.”

The pair decided to block Dorothy (Scott) from The Circle, seeing them eliminated from the game.

Before leaving the show, Dorothy (Scott) got to meet another player face to face for the first time.

Dot decided to meet Felix – which proved a shock to both of them as Scott came face to face with Natalya.

In the ratings, new players Tom (Pippa + Joey) and Alice (Shabaz) were able to rate but could not be rated or blocked.

Here’s a full recap of how the ratings results went:

1st.= Manrika
1st.= Syed (Hashu)
3rd. Andy
4th. Dorothy (Scott)
5th. Felix (Natalya)

Elsewhere in last night’s episode, wanting to get to know the new player Tom (Pippa + Joey), Andy started a group chat with him and Felix (Natalya).

Chat quickly turned to football – a topic Felix (Natalya) was keen to move away from.

Later, The Circle gave each of the players an opportunity to anonymously ask their fellow players a question in ‘Ask Me Anything’

Andy and Dorothy (Scott) quizzed Felix (Natalya) and Manrika about their Circle alliances while Syed (Hashu) quizzed Dorothy (Scott)’s knowledge of history.

Meanwhile, new player Alice (Shabaz) put the cat among the pigeons with a question for Felix (Natalya) about his relationship with Manrika.

The Circle continues Sunday to Fridays on Channel 4 and All 4.

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