Who’s Hashu on The Circle? All about the YouTuber playing as ‘Uncle Syed’

The Circle’s third series has kicked off on Channel 4 – meet new player Hashu here!

Hashu Mohammed is one of nine contestants who entered The Circle on the first day and is now in the final!

28-year-old Hashu is a YouTuber and Content Creator from Birmingham.

Find Hashu on YouTube

Hashu’s YouTube channel name is SMASHBengali and he currently has 30,000 subscribers.

As well as YouTube, you can follow Hashu on Instagram under the username @SMASHBengali, on Twitter @smashbengali and on TikTok @SMASHBengali.

Hashu says of joining The Circle: “From a young age I loved pranking people. I’ve always been the one in the house that makes everyone else laugh, I’m always very animated.

“When I came across The Circle, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to put my pranking and catfishing abilities to the test and entertain the British public, whilst hopefully getting a cash injection! It’s tough, money wise, to make everything work while doing YouTube.

“As a young British Muslim, I’m smack bang in between my British side and the traditions and ideologies that I try to follow. I have always wanted to be on a mainstream TV channel to represent the British Bangladeshi community, but I didn’t know the right medium or how.

“When I saw the show, I thought it was so incredible because for me as a young British Muslim, there’s so many things about the show that work for me. For example, I won’t be staying in the same apartment as females and I’ll be able to still pray five times a day. The nature of the show works for me.”

Meet Hashu’s Uncle Syed persona

Hashu will play as his Uncle Syed on the show.

Explaining his strategy, he said: “Firstly, to be someone that’s older so that I can be respected and maybe even get some sympathy and pull on people’s heartstrings. He’s a sweet old man who just doesn’t have the best English grammar, so everyone helps him and guides him a little bit.

“Then he’ll catch everyone with their guard down. I’m going to be making people laugh all the time without even meaning to. I’m going to make out like he’s not intentionally trying to be funny just by random stuff that he might say.

“Also, being someone that brings in some wisdom and life experience. I want to be there to pick people up at times because I’m sure the process will get difficult for some people and I want to be a support mechanism for them.”

The Circle 2021 is fronted by Emma Willis with narrator comic Sophie Willan.

The Circle airs on Channel 4 Sunday to Fridays. You can catch up now with All 4.

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