Who’s Pippa on The Circle? Age, Instagram and all about the player!

All about Pippa on The Circle 2021

The Circle’s third series is currently airing on Channel 4 – meet new player Pippa here!

26-year-old Pippa is a Paralegal in commercial litigation from Manchester.

After originally entering the first as herself, she returned as catfish Tom alongside fellow player Joey after they were both blocked.

Meet Pippa

Pippa says: “I’m going in The Circle to prove that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’m often misjudged by my appearance and the way I look. People assume that I lack intelligence. When me and my friends get chatting with people about what we do for work, when it comes to me people assume it’s something based on aesthetics.

“I’m always explaining that actually, I have master’s degree in law; I’ve studied law for seven years. There’s more to me than meets the eye.”

She shares of her game plan: “I am just being me and hopefully I can build relationships, but genuine relationships. To get far in life in general, you do have to have a good, genuine relationship with some people.

“Studying law and the career that I’m in is quite strategic. You have to have the art of communication and the gift of the gab to win people over. I play poker as well, so I’m quite good at sensing bluffers. So I’m going to be bringing in all my natural traits, and applying them to the game.

“I will be looking to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. If something doesn’t add up, I’ll be all over it. I’ll be sniffing out the fakes.”

Although she’s going in as herself, Pippa fears being labelled as fake.

She explains: “I’m often judged to be something that I’m not. People look at me and think “No way do you work in that industry and do 12-hour days”. I think there could be a point where someone might challenge me on it, which is fine, because that’s the benefit and the beauty of me being me.

“I do know the answer to legal questions, and I can explain what the system is like. I’m prepared, obviously, because it’s my own life.”

Follow Pippa on Instagram and Twitter

You can follow Pippa on Instagram @Pippakisses where she currently has 5,000 followers.

Pippa is also on Twitter under the username @Pippakisses.

Pippa says: “I hope I’ll come across as my genuine self, being true and being honest, being a girl’s girl. I am quite empathetic, so if someone starts getting emotional or if they tell me something sad, I might even cry. I am really soft and not a lot of people see that.

“There are people who only see me on the internet and see what I want to post, but my close friends know what I’m like. They tell me ‘Get a grip, you’re too soft.'”

Hosted by Emma Willis, The Circle features voice-over comic Sophie Willan.

The Circle airs on Channel 4 Sunday to Fridays . You can catch up now with All 4.

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