Britain's Got Talent 2013: We chat to MckNasty!

MckNasty drummed for the Britain's Got Talent 2013 judges at the weekend and this week we caught up with the performer for a chat!

The musician wowed the judges at the weekend with his performance, which including playing the drums and DJing at the same time.

MckNasty - real name Joshua McKenzie - told the panel he was hoping to come out of the shadow of his famous brother, rapper Labrinth, who is signed to Simon Cowell's music label.

He said at his audition: “I’m always at the back and I want to be at the front.

"My brother is Labrinth, he is pretty cool. I like the fact that I have to chase him.”

After MckNasty's audition, Simon told him: “I think you’re brother’s going to be really proud of you, I really do."

Speaking to us yesterday, MckNasty told us all about his background in music, and it dates back more than 50 years to his grandfather, somewhat of a star himself in his native Jamaica.

The 27-year-old also spoke about what he had planned for the live shows, if he makes the cut in the upcoming deliberations, and it all sounds rather epic, with drumming, DJing and singing all combined!

Watch our full chat with MckNasty above!

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