David Walliams bet Simon Cowell his Golden Buzzer act would do better on Britain's Got Talent 2016!

Comedian will have to cough up £5,000 after Ian and Anne Marshall crashed out

David Walliams golden buzzer

David Walliams has revealed that he had a BET with Simon Cowell on whose Golden Buzzer act would do better on Britain's Got Talent 2016.

It was let slip on ITV2 spin-off Britain's Got More Talent last night that the comedian bet Simon £5,000 backing his pick, Ian and Anne Marshall, who finished second from the bottom in Monday's public vote.

Simon had confidently wagered ten times that amount, and ended up winning after his pick Boogie Storm went through to the grand final after winning the judges' vote on Tuesday.

"We actually had a bet on whose Golden Buzzer act would do the best," David revealed.

"I said if he won I would give him £50,000, and if I won he would pay me £5,000," Simon explained. "I'm gonna give it to a charity, but I want the cash on Saturday."

David took issue with the mogul's demands, spluttering: "Hang on, hang on, let me say this. He wants it in cash. I said I'd give it to charity. He said he wants the money, and he will then pass it on to a charity!"

Simon stood firm, responding: "I want the cash to give to my charity David. You bring the cash, I will donate it."

"Which charity, The Simon Cowell Foundation for helping out Sinitta?" David retorted to roaring laughter from the audience.

This may not be the last we've heard of their bet, as Stephen Mulhern urged them to compete the transaction on the show after Saturday's grand final!

Elsewhere, Stephen convinced Amanda Holden to give him his own Golden Buzzer next year after Simon declared that she was the "boss".

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