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The Only Way Is Essex - Episode 8 (Embargoed 00:01 Wednesday 19th March)

Pictured: Carol Wright crying

Ricky and Jess' relationship comes under fire, with Elliot doubting that Ricky is right for his cousin. Together with sister Leah, Elliot questions what the pair of them want over dinner, which leads to some tense moments, particularly when Jess' mum Carol breaks down in tears.

Danielle is still doubting James' fidelity, and gets tearful when she bumps into Ferne, who assures her she can emphathise with her situation. Later, she decides to clear the air with Gemma, but both Gemma and Bobby are stunned when she drops a bombshell.

After a therapeutic healing session with Jess, Billie and Sam meet with Arg to determine once and for all how he feels about Gemma after the revelation that they are sleeping together again.

In other developments, long time rivals Elliot and Lewis decide to go head to head in a boxing match, and Charlie takes Mario to tantric sex yoga to challenge his celibacy pact.

The drama continues in The Only Way Is Essex on Wednesday 19th March at 10pm on ITV.

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