The Responder series 2 start date, cast and trailer

Martin Freeman as police officer Chris, looking down on the floor of a street at something off camera
Martin Freeman as Chris. Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge Rekha Garton

The Responder will return to BBC One for a second series this year with a start date, casting and a first look revealed.

When to watch

The Responder is a crime drama from ex-police officer Tony Schumacher and stars Martin Freeman (The Hobbit; Sherlock; Breeders; Fargo) in the lead role.

After its first outing in 2022, the BBC has confirmed a new series is in the works, starting on Sunday, 5 May on BBC One and iPlayer.

Adelayo Adedayo as police officer Rachel, standing next to the side of a police car at night
Adelayo Adedayo as Rachel. Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge Rekha Garton

The Responder series 2 will have five episodes, once again written by ex-police officer Tony Schumacher.

Meet the cast

Martin Freeman, Adelayo Adedayo, MyAnna Buring, Warren Brown, Josh Finan, Emily Fairn, Philip S McGuinness, Faye McKeever, Mark Womack and Amaka Okafo reprise their roles on the cast.

Joining them will for series two are Adam Nagaitis, Bernard Hill and Ian Puleston-Davies.

Josh Finan as Marco, a man in a baseball cap looking behind him
Josh Finan as Marco. Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge Rekha Garton

The plot + first look trailer

Six months on, series two picks up with Chris Carson as he navigates the challenges of rebuilding his life. With a fierce determination to steer clear of the corruption that once threatened to engulf him, Chris is on a quest to become not just a better police officer, but also a better person and, most importantly, a better father to his daughter Tilly.

His journey is complicated by the ongoing struggles associated with his role as a night response officer. Craving the stability of a day job, Chris is faced with the daunting question of how much he’s willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

Meanwhile, Rachel Hargreaves is also piecing her life back together, still harbouring resentment towards Chris for shattering her aspirations of joining the police force and dragging her reputation through the mud.

Emily Fairn as Casey, sat on a door step outside at night
Emily Fairn as Casey . Credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge Rekha Garton

As she fights to regain control over her drifting career, Rachel begins to see that her experiences might align more closely with Chris’s than she previously thought.

Their paths intertwine once more, pulling them back into the nocturnal world they both wish to escape.

As they strive to support one another towards a brighter path, a seemingly routine encounter with a black Range Rover turns their world upside down, tempting them with the shadows they’ve worked so hard to leave behind.

Series 2 is once again be set and filmed in Liverpool.

For now, series one of The Responder is available to watch online via BBC iPlayer here.

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