Alone UK cancelled after one series by Channel 4

alone tv show

The British version of survival challenge TV show Alone has been cancelled after one series.


Having proved a hit in other countries, the first ever British version launched on Channel 4 in 2023.

It saw a group of Brits dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness.

Provided with only a handful of basic tools and filming equipment, they had to survive entirely alone with the last one standing taking the cash prize.

The Alone contestants in a group shot
The Alone contestants. Back: L-R Javed, Naomi, Mike, Louie, Elise, Tom, Pip, Kian. Front: L-R Laura, Alan, Eva

Deadline report that while a second series was under consideration, Channel 4 have decided not to renew the show.

Alone is TV’s most extreme and uncompromising survival experiment: the ultimate test of endurance and ingenuity, in one of the most beautiful but challenging landscapes on earth.

The six-part series saw ten contestants dropped into the remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where each must survive entirely alone.


They battled the elements, loneliness and wild animals including bears, moose and wolverines, in a trial of skill, mental strength and resilience.

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know who won, look away now!

After lasting 34 days, it was 39-year-old Company Director from Portsmouth Tom who won the show, taking home the £100,000 prize.


“It feels like a dream,” Tom reacted. “Did that just happen? I’m shocked, completely shocked. I don’t believe it.”

The full first series is available on Channel4 Streaming. The US version is also available to watch.

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