Celebrity Big Brother kicks off after nominations rule break

Zeze and Lauren argue on Celebrity Big Brother

There’s been drama in the Celebrity Big Brother house after a nominations rule break.


Thursday night’s latest episode saw the first round of nominations with two housemates left up for the eviction.

Lauren Simon was nominated by the group, joining Gary Goldsmith who received Sharon Osbourne’s killer nomination.

Shortly after, Lauren and Louis Walsh broke the rules regarding nominations by trying to work out who had nominated who.

Louis said: “At least three of them, or maybe one of the guys, but nobody on our side did.”

Louis Walsh on Celebrity Big Brother

Lauren replied: “Zeze hates me.”


Louis added: “She hates anyone.”

Lauren continued: “I’m not sure about that side [of the bedroom]… I’m not sure Bradley knows where to place me.”

Big Brother later gathered the group and announced: “Housemates there has been a rule break. This morning a rule was broken by Louis and Lauren.”

Lauren said: “I’m sorry for putting you all in this situation. I was talking about my emotions and how I was feeling about being nominated. In fairness, I’m living with a group of people who I have grown to love and adore and it’s upset me that a few different people, not just one person, has nominated me. I’m sorry for getting everyone in this situation and I apologise.”

Louis adds: “I couldn’t understand how she was nominated because she’s such a great person. I didn’t want to lose her. That’s all.”

Big Brother then instructed: “Wrap up warm and then please make your way into the garden until further notice,” before revealing the pair would have to stay in a giant bin labelled ‘Celebrity Wheelie Bin Of Shame’ until further notice.

Housemates react to the rule break


But that wasn’t all.

Big Brother also recited Louis and Lauren’s conversation to the whole house, prompting Zeze to confront the pair.

Zeze began: “I’m not bothered. I just don’t like the word hate. It’s a strong word. We’ve never had a conversation where you could feel like I hate you.”

Lauren replied: “I’m going to tell you the conversation. When I was making the fruit salad, you took the oranges and did it your way. You went over to the table in front of my face and said ‘This isn’t good enough for Lauren’. It wasn’t banter. It was rude to me.”

Zeze hit back: “Come and talk to me then. Don’t use the word hate because you know it’s not hate.”

The full fallout from the rule break and bust up will air in Friday night’s episode on ITV1.


Friday will also see the first eviction result, as either Gary or Lauren get the boot. Be sure to vote in our eviction poll here!

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on ITV1 and ITVX. The CBB live final airs on 22 March.