Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother update and spoilers

Celebrity Big Brother final five celebrate

Here’s a first look at tonight’s final episode of Celebrity Big Brother as a the five remaining housemates spend their last day in the house.


The final five housemates spend their last evening saying farewell to Celebrity Big Brother. To celebrate, Big Brother has set up a fancy dinner in the living room. The housemates go around the table reflecting on their experience:

Colson notes: “…the experience isn’t anything without the people and the housemates… this experience has kind of taught me to back myself, be kind to myself and be confident and be me…”

Fern says: “…the most gracious, talented men I have ever known, and I want to thank you for the kindness you have shown me as the last woman standing… So, all that’s left to say is, may the best man win.”

Nikita says: “I didn’t expect to actually meet such fun people. I said to myself one thing is that I’m going to just be Nikita the way my mom would be proud of me and it’s very reassuring that people just liked me for me.”

Louis says: “So here we are, the fab five… I came in here not knowing what to expect, but wow, it’s been a learning experience for me. You’ve been amazing to me, I appreciate it. We’re all winners as far as I’m concerned.”


David notes: “I genuinely did not think I would be in a house with 12 people who I actually genuinely really, really liked… Thank you for letting me be me, I love you all. ”

The housemates spend the rest of the evening dancing and singing the night away whilst reflecting in the diary room:

Louis says to Big Brother: “We have had the time of our life in the Big Brother house… I was a bit wacky, a bit funny and had an opinion on everybody. I will never forget it.”

Reflecting on her time in the house, Fern says: “I wanted to come and have a television adventure and I’ve had it… It’s injected me with enthusiasm for television again… it was just this reminder of a familiar place, and probably how much I’ve missed.”

David notes: “It’s been a crazy ride, but don’t forget… Big Brother… slay. Slay every day.”

As Big Brother turns the lights off before their final sleep:

Big Brother says: “Goodnight, Finalists.”

The housemates respond: “Goodnight, Big Brother.”

Tonight, Celebrity Big Brother: Live Final will see Colson, David, Fern, Louis and Nikita all go head-to-head as AJ and Will crown one of them the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. Who wins? You decide.


Voting for tonight’s Live Final is open exclusively via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they want to win Celebrity Big Brother. The vote will close during tonight’s show. †y

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.