Big Brother gets more than 1,000 Ofcom complaints after week of clashes


TV Watchdog Ofcom has logged more than 1,000 complaints about this year’s Big Brother so far.

Figures revealed this week reveal a number of objections made by viewers over the past seven days of house action.

They include 768 complaints over the argument between Dylan and Trish after he was nominated by her in the Halloween twist.

Dylan in the Big Brother kitchen

The dramatic episode saw Dylan confront Trish in a tense row after it was revealed she and Noky had secretly nominated him, Olivia and Kerry.

The trio faced a surprise backdoor eviction which ultimately resulted in Kerry departing the house via a coffin.

50 complaints have been made about Olivia, Tom, Jenkin and Chanelle’s behaviour towards Trish and Noky received 50 complaints while 45 objected to Paul’s behaviour towards Noky.

The pair got into a massive argument which saw the live stream from the house pulled off air. The next day’s highlights episode saw the clash as Noky accused Paul of being a “bully”.

Dylan and Paul would later go on to get the boot in a double eviction.

After departing, Paul said: “Not everyone can be everyone’s cup of tea… I think me and Trish are very similar people so we could clash. I do like to wind people up and I said that before I came in.”

This week has seen more clashes between Trish and some of the other housemates.

However last night’s episode saw Olivia attempt to make amends.


Olivia said: “I feel that maybe in the past week I’ve let other people’s opinions guide my judgement and I do feel bad for that…”

Trish told her: “I really genuinely, sincerely accept your apology and it means so much to me to hear that.”

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

This evening sees another double eviction as AJ Odudu and Will Best present the latest live show. Olivia, Trish, Noky, Chanelle and Jenkin all face the public vote and two will be leaving ahead of next week’s final.

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