BBC announces twelve new dramas

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The BBC has revealed it is working on some twelve new dramas.


Director of BBC Drama, Lindsay Salt, said: “I believe that the BBC is the only place that can promise true boldness and braveness in all our decision making. In an era of caution, it’s our time to shine.”

Blue Lights

The BBC has greenlit two additional six-episode seasons of the highly praised Belfast-set police series Blue Lights, produced by Two Cities Television for BBC One and iPlayer.

Dear England

BBC’s newest drama series, Dear England, focuses on Gareth Southgate and the England men’s football team’s journey, inspired by James Graham’s celebrated National Theatre play.

Film Club

BBC introduces Film Club, a romantic comedy-drama marking the screenwriting debut of actors Aimee Lou Wood and Ralph Davis.

Lions (working title)

BBC has commissioned an original six-part drama, Lions, penned by the acclaimed Richard Gadd. Spanning across decades, this narrative explores the intertwined lives of two men.


From the creative mind of Charlotte Regan, BBC presents Mint, a drama that offers a darkly humorous look at life within a crime family. Drawing on Regan’s critically acclaimed work, this series is set to challenge conventions and expectations.



BBC’s new thriller, Reunion, follows Brennan, a deaf man on a quest for revenge and redemption, as he seeks to uncover the truth behind his imprisonment. This emotional narrative promises to captivate audiences with its depth and complexity.

The Dream Lands

Adapted from Rosa Rankin-Gee’s novel Dreamland, The Dream Lands is a coming-of-age series with a unique twist. Crafted for television by Kayleigh Llewellyn, this series blends fantasy and reality, inviting viewers on an unforgettable journey.

The Listeners

Starring Rebecca Hall, The Listeners is a BBC drama based on Jordan Tannahill’s novel, who has also written the new TV adaptation.

The Ministry of Time

Based on Kaliane Bradley’s eagerly awaited debut novel, The Ministry of Time is a new drama adapted by Alice Birch.

The Split Up

Set against the backdrop of Manchester’s divorce law scene, The Split Up focuses on the Kishans, a family of lawyers at the top of their game.


This City is Ours

Created by Stephen Butchard, This City is Ours is an epic crime drama produced by Left Bank Pictures, filmed and set in Liverpool

We Go Again

BBC’s latest drama, We Go Again, comes from the award-winning writer Janice Okoh.

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