Film Club: Aimee Lou Wood and Ralph Davis pen new BBC drama

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The BBC has announced brand new romantic comedy-drama Film Club, written by actors Aimee Lou Wood (Living, Sex Education, White Lotus s3) and Ralph Davis (SAS Rogue Heroes, Life After Life, Othello) in their screenwriting debut.

The six-part series will be made by Gaumont (Locked In, Obsession, For Her Sins) for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. Co-creator Aimee Lou Wood, who won a BAFTA for her role in Sex Education, will star in Film Club as Evie.

Every Thursday at 9pm, Tom and Evie indulge in their shared passion for cinema by watching a movie together in her garage, which Evie creatively transforms to reflect the theme of the week’s film, from a yellow brick road for The Wizard of Oz to a spacecraft setting for Alien.

It’s a magical experience, rooted in their love for film—or so they convince themselves.

However, the truth is that Tom harbours deep feelings for Evie, oblivious to the fact that she feels the same way about him. But when Tom lands a job on the far side of the country, their potential for a fairy-tale ending is jeopardised.

With just six weeks before his departure, and therefore only six more movie nights left, Evie faces a ticking clock to confess her feelings to Tom, or she might lose him forever.

Amidst this romantic turmoil, Evie must also juggle the eccentricities of her family life, including her unconventional and whimsical mother, Suz, and her younger sister, Izzy.

Together, they form a trio of women who are as full of love as they are of chaos.

Aimee Lou Wood said: “When Ralph and I met a decade ago we knew pretty much instantly that we wanted to create something together and this feels deeply organic and idiosyncratic and right.

“Jamie at Gaumont has been the most incredible collaborator and the BBC is the perfect home. Three of the most essential things to me have always been writing stories, watching films and acting so the fact I get to write a story ABOUT watching films AND act in it is beyond joyful.”

Ralph Davis added: “I couldn’t be more excited about this. Aimee and I have been speaking about making something together since we met at drama school. To be doing this together is a dream.”

Film Club will air on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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