The Traitors UK recap and spoilers (Episode 8, 18 January)

Harry on Traitors

Here’s a recap from tonight’s latest episode of The Traitors and what happened in another dramatic round table.

This evening’s show continued with yesterday’s cliffhanger, which saw the then two remaining Traitors – Paul and Harry – decide not to eliminate another player.

Instead, they took the opportunity to recruit another, picking Andrew.

Andrew didn’t have to accept their anonymous invitation, but fearing his exit if he turned them down, he concluded: “I’m going to have to join them I suppose”.

A shocked Andrew then met his fellow Traitors and voiced his displeasure with the situation.

The next day and with everyone returning at breakfast, there was speculation that the Traitors had recruited another.

“I can’t confirm anything,” host Claudia Winkleman told the group, before announcing their next task.

In turns, the players had to use a crossbow to break glass planes with the names of the contestants. If they missed, money would be lost from the prize fund. But if they hit a pane, that player would be at risk from elimination

The game continued until just one pane was left unbroken leaving that player – Mollie – safe with a shield. They also added £3,600 to the prize fund.

At the roundtable a tense vote saw Harry turn on fellow Traitor Paul, leading to his banishment. Paul stood before the group to announce he was a Traitor, leaving ten players in the game and the Traitors back down to two.

Paul on Traitors

Harry and Andrew met and were once again faced with the decision to either eliminate a Faithful or recruit another Traitor. They opted to murder, narrowing their decision down to Zack or Charlie.

The Traitors continues Friday night at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

As the drama continues, another murder victim is revealed at breakfast. The players race against the clock to escape from a treacherous cabin in a mission that could earn them up to £8,000. But will a Traitor’s decision change the course of the game?

At the Round Table, with numbers dwindling, everybody is under scrutiny. Who will manage to escape banishment?

Meanwhile the final of The Traitors takes place next Friday night.

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