The Traitors Card Game: Can you outwit the traitor among you?

Traitors Card Game

Inspired by widely popular BBC TV series The Traitors, an equally thrilling experience in the form of a family card game is now on sale.

The Traitors Card Game is a psychological adventure, blending elements of trust and deceit. Are you ready to dive into a world where every move could be your last?

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About the game

As night falls in the game, suspense heightens. Someone among the players, designated as traitors, will plot in the shadows. Will you fall prey to their schemes or outsmart them with your wit? Arm yourself with strategy and insight, for in this game, your closest ally could be your greatest foe.

Your mission is to amass a hoard of gold coins, but be vigilant! The path is rife with danger, from blackmail to the threat of elimination. The Traitors Card Game presents you with the ultimate dilemma – will you embrace treachery or uphold loyalty till the end?

Designed for convenience, this travel-sized card game is your perfect companion for any setting. Whether you’re indoors on a rainy day or enjoying a cosy game night with friends and family, The Traitors Card Game is an excellent choice. Suitable for 4-6 players and recommended for ages 8 and up, it promises fun for everyone

Brought to you by Ginger Fox Games, known for their innovative and entertaining creations since 2007. Ginger Fox specialises in designing games that are not only fun but also boast a unique twist. Embrace the opportunity to create memorable moments with your loved ones with their latest offering, The Traitors Card Game.

Are you prepared to face the challenge and outwit the traitors among you? Grab your copy and let the games begin

The TV show continues

Meanwhile, the latest series of the original TV show currently airs Wednesday – Friday nights on BBC One.

In The Traitors, Claudia Winkleman welcomes 22 contestants to an exquisite castle in the Scottish Highlands. Here, they engage in an intense game of cunning, betrayal, and trust, with the possibility of winning up to £120,000.

Among the participants are hidden ‘Traitors’, whose mission is to stealthily ‘eliminate’ a player each night without being discovered.

The challenge for the rest, known as the ‘Faithfuls’, is to identify these Traitors and remove them from the game to avoid becoming their next target.

For those who successfully navigate to the end, a life-altering cash prize awaits. However, should a Traitor remain unnoticed until the final round, they will abscond with the entire prize fund.

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