The Traitors don’t actually sleep in the castle

The Traitors castle

It turns out that contestants on The Traitor’s don’t sleep in the castle.

Despite being filmed apparently going to bed (and in the shower and in the bath), the cast of the BBC One series actually spend their nights at a far less glamorous location.

In a striking juxtaposition to the luxurious settings of Ardross Castle, where the show is filmed, contestants are whisked away to a more mundane setting: the Courtyard by Marriott at Inverness Airport.

The revelation about the contestants’ real accommodation comes from British actor Alan Cumming, host of the US version of The Traitors, also filmed at Ardross Castle.

In a 2023 interview with the Daily Beast, Cumming disclosed that neither he nor the contestants stayed in the castle. “They [the contestants] all stayed in the airport hotel at Inverness Airport. How glamorous – you come to Scotland, and you stay in the Inverness Airport hotel,” he remarked.

While the show creates an illusion of contestants residing in the grandeur of Ardross Castle, with challenges set in the nearby lochs and woodlands, the reality is a 45-minute journey away. The Courtyard by Marriott, a mere five miles from Inverness, serves as their actual lodging.

It’s understood that tight security measures, including a dedicated guard monitoring the corridors, are put in place to maintain secrecy and isolate the contestants from each other.

It turns out that it’s not just The Traitors who don’t stay in the castle.

Unless your filming a TV show or getting hitched, unfortunately the castle is off limits to visitors or those looking to stay the night.

Speaking about the stunning location previously, host Claudia Winkleman said: “I love Scotland so much. Where we film might just be the most beautiful place on earth, the landscape is breath-taking. But also the people you meet are so welcoming and kind and hopefully happy we’re back.”

The Traitors continues Wednesday – Friday nights on BBC One.

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