How much the contestants on The Traitors get paid

Claudia Winkleman poses in The Traitors castle

A contestant from The Traitors has spilled all on how much those on the show get paid.

It turns out that even if they don’t win the prize money, those taking part in the BBC One show don’t go home empty handed.

So, how much are contestants on The Traitors paid? Last year’s winner Aaron revealed in a Q&A on his YouTube channel that contestants on The Traitors are paid around £100 a day for their time.

He said: “It’s roughly like £100 a day. It’s not that much, but its definitely worth it.”

Of course Aaron ended up with considerably more thanks to the prize money, which last year saw just over £101,000 shared between himself, Mery and Hannah in the final.

The Traitors 2024 cast

As for this year, up to £120,000 is up for grabs. The final amount will depend on how well the contestants do in their daily challenges.

After six episodes, the current prize pot is at £49,550 of a possible £61,000.

As ever, who will take home the money depends on who is left standing at the end of the game.

The Traitors must try to ensure that they either ‘murder’ all the faithful without being caught, or remain undetected in the end.

In the final round, the remaining contestants will either vote to end the game or to banish a player. This process will continue until the group vote to end the game.

If only faithfuls remain at that point, they’ll share the prize fund. But if just one traitor is left, they will steal all the money for themselves.

The Traitors airs Wednesday – Fridays at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer, hosted by Claudia Winkleman.

Speaking about what to expect from the new series, Claudia said: “They are all excellent. They come having seen the first series so are more quick to suspect but they all play a brilliant game. I wish I could say more but I’ll be fired…”

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