All of the results from series two of The Traitors

The Traitors 2024 cast

Here’s a full recap of the results from The Traitors UK’s second series.

In this gripping psychological reality contest, Claudia Winkleman welcomes 22 contestants to a stunning castle in the Scottish Highlands. Here, they embark on the ultimate test of deception, alliance, and trust, vying for a chance to win up to £120,000.

However, lurking among them are The Traitors, tasked with covertly eliminating a contestant each night, while avoiding detection. The rest of the players, known as the Faithfuls, must work to uncover the identity of the traitors and expel them from the game before they fall victim next.

For those who outlast the others, a substantial cash prize awaits. Yet, if a Traitor remains hidden till the end, they will claim all the money for themselves.

The Traitors UK season 2 results

Here’s a full reap of who left The Traitors and who won…

Episode 12 – FINAL (26 January)

Harry emerged as the victor in the intense finale, claiming the entire prize fund of £95,150. In a dramatic conclusion, he outlasted Faithful Mollie, securing the win and the cash for himself.

The final episode saw a series of evictions, beginning with Faithful Evie, followed by Traitor Andrew, and culminating in a critical vote that eliminated Faithful Jaz, leaving Harry as the sole Traitor and winner.

The final challenge involved a helicopter ride to an island where the contestants successfully raised flags to add £20,000 to the prize fund.


Episode 11 (25 January)

In the penultimate episode of The Traitors, tension escalated as Zack became the latest victim of the Traitors, leaving six in the game. Andrew and Jasmine felt the pressure before a new challenge led by Claudia Winkleman, involving puzzles and a twist with swords in a stone, offered a chance to add £7,000 to the prize pot.

Traitor Harry, upon choosing the ‘sacred sword’, declined to take the prize money, focusing on his long-term strategy. The round table saw Jasmine, a Faithful, voted out, and in a surprising twist, no murder occurred that evening.

The final five celebrated with a dinner party, gearing up for the finale where the remaining Faithfuls and undetected Traitors will vie for a substantial prize.


Episode 10 (24 January)

In episode 10 of the series, the Traitors, Harry, Andre, and new member Ross, devised a scheme during breakfast to pretend that Ross, secretly protected by a shield from a previous mission, was targeted by the Traitors. This strategy seemed to mislead the Faithfuls, leading to suspicions about Jasmine or Ross.

The episode featured a mission where pairs navigated a forest path with gold bars, answering questions to avoid traps. Only Andrew and Jaz completed the course, but only Andrew added money to the prize fund.

The roundtable was full of accusations, and Ross, receiving the most votes, admitted to being a Traitor, shockingly revealing he was Diane’s son. The episode concluded with Traitors Andrew and Harry contemplating their next target among Jaz, Mollie, or Zack, ending on a cliffhanger before the final episodes.

Harry on Traitors

Episode 9 (19 January)

In Friday night’s episode of The Traitors, the Traitors targeted Charlie for elimination. The following morning, accusations flew at breakfast before Claudia announced a new challenge, where participants crawled through a muddy, bug-filled tunnel to collect gold coins for the prize fund.

Traitor Harry secretly won a shield during this challenge. At the round table, the group banished Charlotte, who revealed she was a Faithful.

Traitors Harry and Andrew considered recruiting another traitor, with Harry showing his shield to Andrew. They decided to recruit Ross, who agreed to join after receiving an invitation. Ross vowed revenge for his mother Diane’s elimination.


Episode 8 (18 January)

In Thursday night’s episode of the show, the two remaining Traitors, Paul and Harry, chose not to eliminate a player but to recruit Andrew as a new Traitor. Andrew, feeling cornered, reluctantly joined them.

The next morning, Claudia Winkleman, introduced a task involving breaking glass panes with a crossbow, affecting the prize fund and player safety. Mollie emerged safe with a shield and an addition to the prize fund.

A dramatic turn of events at the roundtable led to Harry betraying Paul, resulting in Paul’s banishment and revelation as a Traitor, leaving ten players in the game. Harry and Andrew then faced a choice to eliminate or recruit another Traitor, opting for the former, with Zack or Charlie as their potential targets.

Paul on Traitors

Episode 7 (17 January)

In the seventh episode of The Traitors, the suspense around Diane’s fate was resolved. Despite being ‘poisoned’, she remained in the game after a dramatic faux funeral procession, where the contestants deduced that she was the target.

However, her stay was short-lived as she was soon eliminated, adding £7,000 to the prize fund. Suspicion arose around Miles, leading to a tense confrontation with Paul. In a turn of events, Miles was voted out and revealed himself as a Traitor.

The episode concluded with remaining Traitors, Paul and Harry, deciding to recruit another Traitor instead of eliminating someone, with their choice to be unveiled in the next episode.


Episode 6 (12 January)

Episode 6 saw the traitors select their latest victim, choosing to murder Tracey.

The next challenge took place at night, with a further £7,250 added the the prize fund and a shield for Jasmine.

The latest roundtable vote off saw Anthony banished, revealing himself as a faithful leaving the faithfuls 8 – 1 down against the traitors.

For their latest murder, the traitors had to kill in plain sight, by handing a poisoned chalice to their chosen victim. The episode concluded with Miles handing the chalice to Diane.


Episode 5 (11 January)

With only Meg and traitor Paul left in the dungeon, Meg became the next faithful to be murdered.

£10,000 more was added to the prize fund in the next challenge and Ross won himself a shield in the challenge.

At the end of the fifth episode, Jonny was voted off, revealing himself as a faithful.

Miles on The Traitors

Episode 4 (10 January)

Episode 4 saw the dramatic climax of the latest roundtable with Brian banished, revealing herself as a traitor.

There was no murder overnight, instead the traitors were told they had to pick four contestants to condemn to the dungeon. They picked Ash, Andrew, Meg and Paul. One of them would be later chosen to be murdered.

In the latest challenge, another £5,000 was added to the prize total. There were no shields. Instead the contestants got to pick one of the condemned to save, choosing Andrew.

At the night’s roundtable, Ash was banished, revealing herself as a traitor.

The Traitors' Ash

Episode 3 (5 January)

Episode 3 began with the murder of Kyra by the traitors while it was revealed that contestants Ross and Diane are real life mum and son.

The challenge added £8,000 to the prize pot while Zak and Jasmine won themselves the protect of shields.


Episode 2 (4 January)

The second episode opened with Miles being revealed as the chosen new traitor while the now four-strong traitors team murdered Aubrey.

The second challenge saw a further £4,000 added to the prize fund while Andrew, Anthony and Paul won shields.

In the first roundtable of the series, Sonya was voted off, revealing herself as a faithful.

The Traitors vote

Episode 1 (3 January)

The first episode of the new series saw Claudia reveal the first traitors, choosing Harry, Paul and Ash.

However they were told they would not murder anyone on the first night, instead picking a fourth traitor between themselves to join them.

Meanwhile in the first challenge, a first £15,000 was added to the prize while Harry, Jaz and Kyra won shields protecting them from the first murder.


The Traitors continues Wednesday – Fridays at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

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