The Traitors UK recap and spoilers (Series 2, Episode 11)

The Traitors 2024 finalists

In The Traitors penultimate episode, one contestant opts not to take immediate prize money, leading to a murder-free final with players competing for a substantial sum.

The penultimate episode began with the usual breakfast as we – and the Faithfuls – eagerly awaited to find out who would be walking through the door.

Zack turned out to be the Traitors’ latest target, becoming their latest victim and leaving six contestants in the game.

Andrew and Jasmine found themselves put under pressure ahead of the latest challenge.

The group met Claudia Winkleman at the Traitors monument where they were confronted by a group of cloaked and masked figures.

“It has got a little bit weird,” Claudia remarked. She explained that the group had 30 minutes to solve a series of puzzles to add £7,000 to the prize.

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The players were successful but there was a twist – isn’t there always in this show?! The players were presented a series of swords in a stone. Claudia explained that they’d each take one sword. If they chose the ‘sacred sword’ they’d have a big decision to make.

It was Traitor Harry who picked out the sacred sword. Claudia said he had the option of taking the prize money then and there, or add it to the group’s prize fund.

Harry declined the offer to take the money, playing the long game in his role as a Traitor.

At the latest round table, Harry and fellow Traitor Andrew managed to vote Jasmine out who revealed herself as a Faithful.

In another twist there was no murder in the evening, throwing a spanner in the works for Harry and Andrew.

Instead, the remaining five enjoyed a dinner party together as Claudia confirmed they had all made it to the final.

The Traitors concludes Friday night at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

Will the Faithful weed out all the Traitors and split the prize pot between them, or will any Traitors remain undetected, and take the life-changing sum of money, all for themselves?

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