Inside The Traitors castle where the show is filmed

The Traitors castle

The riveting reality game show The Traitors finds its stunning filming location in the majestic Ardross Castle.

This 19th-century marvel, nestled north of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, boasts a commanding presence in the Scottish Baronial style.

Ardross Castle, set within breathtaking landscaped gardens, spans over 100 acres of parkland. Gracing the banks of the River Alness, its beauty is a sight to behold.

Where is The Traitors filmed?

The story of Ardross Castle is deeply rooted in Scottish history. Sir Alexander Matheson, born in Ross-shire, laid the foundation of this estate in 1839 by acquiring the 60,000-acre land. His vision led to the transformation of the estate, enhancing agricultural practices and improving the living conditions for workers, thus boosting the tenant population.

Architect Alexander Ross later reimagined Ardross Castle in the captivating Scots Baronial style, adding thirty rooms and extensive gardens. This architectural marvel went through several hands, each leaving their mark.

Notably, C.W. Dyson Perrins modernised the castle and its surroundings in the 20th century. In 1983, the McTaggart family became the custodians of Ardross, diligently restoring its gardens and castle, thus preserving its historical essence.

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors

Can you visit?

Unless your filming a TV show or getting hitched, unfortunately not! The castle is only available for private event hire.

Speaking about the location, host Claudia Winkleman said: “I love Scotland so much. Where we film might just be the most beautiful place on earth, the landscape is breath-taking. But also the people you meet are so welcoming and kind and hopefully happy we’re back.”

The Traitors returns for series two

The Traitors will be back on TV this week as Claudia introduces a cast of 22 new contestants to the castle, embarking on a high-stakes game of detection and treachery. Set in this picturesque location, the game revolves around a significant cash prize of up to £120,000.

The show’s essence lies in its unpredictable nature, as players, dubbed the Faithful, strive to uncover the Traitors among them. These Traitors, assigned in secret, aim to eliminate their fellow contestants, heightening the game’s intensity. The challenge for the Faithful is to identify and banish the Traitors before falling victim themselves.

The final showdown presents a gripping twist. If any Traitor remains undetected, they claim the entire cash prize, adding an exhilarating edge to this game of trust and betrayal.

The Traitors as on BBC One and iPlayer. Applications for the next series are open now.

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