The Traitors UK episode guide (Series 2, 2024)

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman welcomes 22 individuals to a stunning castle in the Scottish Highlands, where they will embark on the ultimate reality game involving detection, betrayal, and trust, with the aim of securing a prize of up to £120,000.


The Traitors airs Wednesday – Friday nights at 9PM on BBC One. Alternatively, you can watch on BBC iPlayer.

The Traitors UK episode guide

Episode 1 (Wednesday, 3 January)

The game begins with a web of suspicion as Claudia covertly designates the Traitors. Their mission: to surreptitiously eliminate other players one by one under the cloak of night. Meanwhile, the Faithful must identify and banish these Traitors to survive and win a substantial cash prize. However, should any Traitor evade detection, they will claim all the winnings.


Episode 2 (Thursday, 4 January)

In this ultimate game of deception and trust, the Faithful face the harsh reality of the Traitors’ first casualty. With doubt escalating, the Players unite for a second Mission to enhance the prize fund. As dusk sets in, the critical first banishment at the Round Table takes place, where the Faithful’s pursuit for retribution could either unmask a Traitor or mistakenly exile an ally.

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors

Episode 3 (Friday, 5 January)

The tension escalates with the disclosure of a second murder at breakfast. The day’s mission pushes players to glean more about each other, amidst swirling secrets and rumours. The evening’s Round Table becomes a crucial moment for the Faithful, who must decide to either banish a Traitor or risk losing another innocent among them.



Episode 4 (Wednesday, 10 January)

Following a stunning Round Table, the Traitors face a complex situation with Claudia’s unexpected twist. Suspicion among the Faithful grows, and in the Mission, a careful balance is required to increase the prize money. The night’s Round Table is another critical juncture for banishment, as the Traitors strive to remain hidden.


Episode 5 (Thursday, 11 January)

Reeling from the Round Table’s revelations, the Traitors plot anew in the night’s silence. The next day brings a challenging mission with £10,000 at stake. This leads to a heated Round Table and an emotional banishment, leaving the castle in shock. The Traitors must then choose their next Faithful target.


Episode 6 (Friday, 12 January)

Midway through the game, the Faithful confront the loss of another member. A crucial mission awaits, followed by another tense Round Table where everyone must avoid suspicion. Claudia’s unexpected surprise for the Traitors adds another twist to the game.



Episode 7 (Wednesday, 17 January)

Past the halfway mark, the game intensifies as the Traitors undertake their most challenging task, resulting in another Faithful’s demise. High emotions fuel the quest for revenge at the Round Table, but will the Traitors successfully evade detection, or will they fight to remain in the game?


Episode 8 (Thursday, 18 January)

Post a dramatic Round Table, the morning brings heated speculation over a potential new Traitor. The Players need focus and precision for the next mission to safeguard themselves and enhance the prize pot. As the next Round Table approaches, the pressure mounts, testing alliances and resolve.


Episode 9 (Friday, 19 January)

The game’s suspense heightens with another murder victim revealed at breakfast. The Players face a race against time in a perilous cabin escape mission, potentially earning £8,000. The ensuing Round Table sees intense scrutiny on all, as banishment looms.

Claudia Winkleman poses in front of gold coins on The Traitors

Episode 10 (Wednesday, 24 January)

As the game nears its climactic final stage, a hidden shield sets off an unexpected turn at breakfast. The players strive to avoid entrapment in today’s challenge, while the remaining Traitors are equally determined to remain undetected during the Round Table discussion. The question remains: can they succeed at such a critical juncture of the game?


Episode 11 (Thursday, 25 January)

On the second-to-last day within the walls of the Traitors’ stronghold, the tension mounts as the end approaches. Trust becomes the day’s watchword as the contestants ponder over their alliances. A significant task awaits them, one that could substantially increase the prize fund, but it requires a crucial decision from one player. As the final approaches rapidly, the challenge is on: will the Faithful successfully identify a Traitor, or will they lose another loyal player just before the last stage?



Episode 12 (Friday, 26 January)

The day of reckoning has arrived in this intense psychological battle of trust. After enduring numerous banishments and deceits in Claudia’s domain of duplicity, the final day will determine everything. The Faithful face a last stand: can they expose all the Traitors and share the winnings, or will any hidden Traitors escape detection and claim the significant prize for themselves?