The Traitors recap and spoilers (Episode 4, 11 January)

The Traitors Series 2 Episode 5

The Traitors was back tonight (11 January) with another dramatic episode: Here’s a recap of what you missed.

Fresh from last night’s show, we continued with the climax of the latest round table as Ash found herself banished.

After receiving the most votes from the other contestants, she stood up and revealed herself as one of the traitors.

With the clock striking midnight, the remaining traitors – Harry, Miles and Paul – regrouped for their next murder. With Meg the only faithful of the condemned left, she became the sole choice for the Traitors to be murdered.

The next breakfast saw the contestants reunite, high off voting out a traitor and eager to see if either Paul or Meg would be returning.

Claudia Winkleman hosts The Traitors

With most suspecting Meg to be a traitor and expecting her to survive the night, Paul’s return prompted feverish speculation among the group.

In the latest mission another £10,000 for the prize fund was up for grabs. The contestants had to work together to build a catapult to fire a golden cannonball. There was also another shield up for grabs.

The team completed the task to win the money, while Ross won himself a shield to protect him from murder.

At the night’s round table, Paul managed to deflect suspicion as the vote overwhelming went against Jonny, seeing him become the latest to be banished. Standing before the group, he announced he was a faithful.

Jonny is voted out

The traitors then gathered to decide on their next victim, narrowing it down to Diane, Charlotte and Tracey. Of course, the show ended on a cliffhanger before revealing who they had picked.

The next episode of The Traitors airs on Friday (12 January) at 9PM on BBC One.

As the game approaches its midpoint, the Faithful ponder who among them won’t be present for breakfast.

However, they have little time for grief, as they must quickly regroup for a significant mission at the castle. Meanwhile, at the castle, the challenge is to stay out of focus at the Round Table. And when it seems like everything is concluded, Claudia reveals an unexpected twist for the Traitors.

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