The Traitors spoilers and recap (10 January)

The Traitors' Ash

The Traitors finally returned to our screens tonight and here’s a recap of what went down.


The brand new series of The Traitors launched last week and immediately proved equally as gripping as its first series.

Host Claudia Winkleman introduced a cast of 22 brand new contestants to the Scottish castle to play the game of deceit.

Last week saw Paul, Harry, Ash and Miles revealed as the initial traitors and they quickly got to work, getting rid of Aubrey and Kyra. Meanwhile, faifthful Sonja found herself the first to be banished.

What happened on The Traitors tonight?

In the latest episode (10 January), we saw the climax of the round table which saw Paul and Harry turn on Ash and try to vote her out. However, with the most votes, it was faithful Brian who was ultimately banished.

At the Traitors next meeting, Claudia revealed they would not be murdering any one this time. Instead, they would condemn four contestants to the castle’s dungeon. One of those would be saved by the others while one would be murdered.

The Traitors vote


The traitors chose to banish Meg and Andrew to the dungeon, alongside two of their own – Ash and Paul.

In the latest mission, the remaining contestants split into two teams and played to add £10,000 to the prize fund. The winning team got to choose who to save from the dungeon, selecting Andrew.

At the round table, Ash was banished after she received the most votes, revealing to the group she was a traitor.

The result left only Paul and Meg at risk of being murdered and with Paul being a traitor, it seems Meg will be the latest victim.

The Traitors continues tomorrow night at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

In the shadowy hours, the Traitors conspire for their subsequent strategy. With dawn breaking and £10,000 on the line, the contestants are confronted with an exceptionally challenging mission. This intense task ignites their determination for the forthcoming Round Table.


A harsh banishment results in emotional turmoil for one player. As the castle grapples with the evening’s tumultuous events, the Traitors deliberate on their next target among the Faithful.

The Traitors airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9PM, Wednesday – Fridays.

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