Why isn’t The Traitors on iPlayer and when is it next on TV?

Claudia Winkleman poses in front of gold coins on The Traitors

Here’s when to watch The Traitors on TV and online this week as the hit reality game show continues on the BBC.

In this gripping psychological reality contest, Claudia Winkleman welcomes 22 contestants to a stunning castle in the Scottish Highlands for the ultimate test of detection, deceit, and trust, with a prize of up to £120,000 at stake.

Among them are The Traitors, tasked with covertly eliminating a contestant each night without being discovered. The task for the rest, known as the Faithfuls, is to identify and expel the traitors from the game before they fall victim to them.

For those who make it to the finale, a life-altering cash prize awaits. However, if a Traitor evades detection, they will seize the entire prize fund.

The Traitors TV schedule

Series two of The Traitors continues this week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

Unlike in the first week, there won’t be an early release on BBC iPlayer. Each episode will only be available to stream once it airs on TV.

You can currently catch up on past episodes via BBC iPlayer now.

Meanwhile, new spin-off show The Traitors: Uncloaked will air at 10PM on BBC Two after each episode of the main show BBC One.

When is The Traitors final?

The show has 12 episodes meaning it’ll run for the four weeks, placing the final on Friday, 26 January 2024.

The Traitors 2024 cast

Meet the cast!

The contestants of The Traitors this year were revealed ahead of the show’s launch this week. Andrew, an insurance broker, and Anthony, a chess coach, are both 45 and seeking new challenges in their lives. Ash, an events coordinator, is looking for adventure, while Aubrey, a 67-year-old retired shop owner, was inspired to join after watching the first series.

Brian, a photographer, is drawn to the show’s mystery aspects, and Charlie, a mental health area manager, is interested in the game’s psychological angle. Charlotte, a recruitment manager, Diane, a retired teacher, and Evie, a veterinary nurse, all see the show as an exciting break from their routines. Harry, a young army engineer, views it as a transformative opportunity.

Jasmine, a sales executive, and Jaz, a national account manager, believe their professional skills will aid them in the game. Jonny, an ex-military, Kyra, an apprentice economist, Meg, an illustrator, Miles, a veterinary nurse, Mollie, a disability model, Paul, a business manager, Ross, a video director, Sonja, a volunteer business mentor, Tracey, a sonographer and clairvoyant, and Zack, a parliamentary affairs advisor, all joined for various reasons ranging from seeking adventure, challenging themselves, to testing their skills.

Meanwhile you can apply for The Traitors UK online now for its next series.

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