The Traitors UK recap and spoilers (Episode 7, 17 January)

The Traitors in tonight's episode

Here’s what happened on The Traitors tonight as we finally discovered whether or not Diane was eliminated.

Last Friday we saw The Traitors given the challenge of eliminating another player in plain sight by handing another contestant a ‘poisoned’ chalice.

Tonight it was revealed that Diane took a sip from the chalice – but there was a twist.

While ‘poisoned’, she remained in the game for another day.

Diane on The Traitors

Host Claudia Winkleman explained the next morning that the day’s challenge would see the group having to work out who had been targeted by the Traitors.

In a completely over the top funeral procession, they faced a series of questions which gave them hints to the victim. Ultimately, the group correctly worked out Diane was the one who had been the focus of the Traitors.

As Diane was locked into a coffin and eliminated from the game, the remaining players saw a further £7,000 added to the prize fund for a total £56,550

Back at the round table, suspicion immediately came on Miles over his handing of a drink to Diane.

However Miles hit back, putting Paul under pressure as the two Traitors turned on one another.

Miles on The Traitors

It was then time to vote and with the most votes, Miles was banished.

Before departing he stood before the group to reveal he was in fact a Traitor.

That night, Claudia informed remaining Traitors Paul and Harry that they had the option of either recruiting another Traitor or eliminating another player.

They decided to recruit another Traitor and who they chose will be revealed in the next episode.

Paul on The Traitors

The Traitors continues Wednesday – Friday nights on BBC One at 9PM.

In the next episode, things get heated after breakfast as speculations rise over a possible new Traitor. Focus and precision are needed if the players are to build the all-important prize pot and protect themselves from murder.

With the next Round Table looming, pressure mounts and bonds break, but who will be the one to fall on their sword?

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