Is Diane hiding another secret on The Traitors?

Diane with the chalice on The Traitors

The Traitors continues tonight on BBC One with its third week of deception, as we eagerly await to find out who will be the latest faithful to leave.


Last week’s episodes ended in a cliffhanger as the Traitors were told to take down their latest victim in plain sight by getting them to drink from a ‘poisoned’ chalice.

At the final scene saw Miles handing the cup to Diane although we don’t know yet if she took a sip.

Diane’s potential elimination from the game follows the revelation that she was secretly competing alongside her son Ross. Their relationship has been kept unknown to the other contestants, faithful and traitors alike.

However, according to Ash, who was ousted from the show in its fourth episode, Diane might have deeper ties with another contestant.

The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman sitting in the castle

Ash expressed her suspicions in an exclusive interview with The Sun. She pondered the possibility of a pre-existing friendship between Diane and other contestants.


“I always suspected that maybe there was a pre-existing friendship in the group, with Tracey and Diane, or even Sonia and Diane, because they’re from the same area,” Ash revealed. “But now I’m like yes, could there be? That’s an interesting theory and it will be interesting to hear how that plays out.”

This revelation comes as a shock to many, including Ash herself, who was unaware of the familial link between Diane and Ross during her time on The Traitors.

“Oh my goodness when I found out I was screaming out loud,” she exclaimed, “Because even subsequently people are saying there’s a resemblance and I still can’t see the resemblance.”


The Traitors, now in its second series, has successfully captivated a large audience. The show’s allure is evident from the official viewing figures, which show an impressive 8.2 million viewers for the first three episodes.

Hosted by Claudia Winkleman, the show continues tonight at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer. Episodes will also air on Thursday and Friday ahead of the final next week.

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