The Traitors’ Harry and Mollie reunite after THAT final

The Traitors Harry and Mollie

The Traitors’ finalists Harry Clark and Mollie Pearce shared the spotlight on Loose Women today for their first post-show television interview.


A dramatic final of The Traitors last month saw Harry and Mollie as the final two, before he stole the prize money as a Traitor.

Harry opened the discussion with an apologetic tone: “I’m really sorry Mollie! I feel like I’m going to get in trouble now.” Mollie responded with humor, acknowledging the supportive “woman power” present in the studio.

Mollie shared her inner conflict during the final roundtable, revealing, “I actually did write [Harry’s] name fully and I had it on my board for a couple of minutes…. I trusted them both and thought they were both faithful. It was the hardest decision ever.”

Harry in The Traitors final

Harry recounted the tense moments: “I knew Molly was putting my name down anyway because she wouldn’t make any eye contact because I knew how bad she felt so I was like, I just need her to look at me so I can be like ‘You’re doing the wrong thing’ and then she finally looked at me and she basically said, ‘Is it you?’ and I said. ‘It’s not, it’s not me’.”

Reflecting on the challenge of deceit within the game, Harry described: “Of course it was draining because of the long nights… Because the Faithfuls would go to bed and the Traitors would stay up and do their murdering.


“I mean as a kid with five brothers and sisters, I’ve always had to lie to get myself one step ahead so it was just little white lies. Like I’ve said, I found it quite… I didn’t find it easy because the whole thing isn’t easy but I found it… easy I guess to disconnect myself from the emotion. It was the game, yeah!”

Mollie, though not victorious, cherished her time on the show, “I never saw myself going in there as someone who was going to win” but “loved being there.”

Harry and Mollie also touched on their adjustment to life post-show and the positive reception from the audience, with Harry noting, “We felt like we worked our socks off and we loved the series so much.”

Mollie on The Traitors

Regarding the prize money, Harry shared his prudent approach: “I’ve got the money… I’m too scared to spend it to be honest. If it was up to me, I’d go and put it all on red but luckily I’ve got my dad who’s got his head screwed on thankfully. I’ve let him and my family sort of have it pretty much – not let them have it obviously, don’t tell them that – but sort of help me.”

Mollie told the panel: “We have to remember, Harry won the game and that’s the end of it.

“All this stuff about him taking me on holiday and sharing the money with me, that’s not how it works. I didn’t win and Harry did, that’s his money and he worked very hard in there to get it!”


The Traitors will be back for a new series soon with applications open now.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12:30pm on ITV1 & ITVX

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