Who won The Traitors UK 2024? Winner revealed – SPOILER!

The Traitors 2024 final

The winner of The Traitors UK 2024 has been revealed in tonight’s final as the new series came to a dramatic conclusion.

Who won The Traitors UK?

It was Traitor Harry who won series two of The Traitors UK, scooping the entire £95,150 prize money for himself. He found himself in the final two with Faithful Mollie, stealing the cash from her.

Harry in The Traitors final

Earlier in the final, Faithful Evie became the first to be voted off before Traitor Andrew was evicted.

In a tense last vote, Faithful Jaz was eliminated leaving Harry as the lone Traitor and winner of the game.

Recap the final

The final started with the last challenge for the five remaining players as they a helicopter ride to a rocky island.

Host Claudia Winkleman informed the group that they would have 60 minutes to raise a number of flags across the Island and on a boat in order to add £20,000 to the prize fund.

The group succeeded with seconds to spare, winning an extra £20,000 to bring the prize fund up to just under £100,000.

The Traitors UK final five

The five then returned to where they faced the final round table.

Claudia informed the group they had to banish at least one other player. Evie found herself eliminated with four votes from her fellow players.

Jaz in the final of The Traitors

She then stood before the group to announce she was a Faithful, prompting the group to vote again as two Traitors and two Faithfuls remained.

In the second vote, Andrew received three votes and was banished, revealing he was a Traitor.

The remaining trio then had to decide whether to end the game or vote again. While Mollie and Harry wanted to end the game, Jaz chose to vote again.

Mollie on The Traitors

In the third and final vote, Jaz and Harry voted for each other leaving Mollie with the casting vote. She chose to vote Jaz, seeing him eliminated from the game and announcing he was a Faithful.

The Traitors UK airs on BBC One and iPlayer. You can apply for The Traitors’ next series online now with series 3 already confirmed.

Meanwhile a special Traitors reunion show will air on BBC Two.

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