The Traitors UK prize money revealed for the final

The Traitors series two finalists pose in front of the prize money

The Traitors UK finale sees the final five players vying for prize money of £95,150, with the outcome determined at the final round table where players vote to banish others or end the game, leading to either Faithfuls sharing the pot or a remaining Traitor taking all.


As we head into the final, five players are in the running for the prize on The Traitors UK.

Up to £120,000 can be won in the reality game show but it’s not straight forward. Players must first work to build up the cash pot by completing a series of missions. This year, the prize fund on The Traitors UK stands at £95,150 following the last challenge in the final episode.

However the final round table will decide how that is split. The remaining players will either vote to either banish another player, or vote to end the game if they think all the Traitors are gone.

The Traitors series two finalists

If only Faithfuls remain, they’ll split the prize fund between them. But if just one Traitor is left, they’ll steal the lot. If more than one Traitor remains, they’ll split the cash equally.

Warning: Spoilers from The Traitors up to the final follow


In episode 10 of The Traitors, Harry, Andre, and new member Ross concocted a plan to mislead the Faithfuls. They pretended Ross, secretly immune due to a previous mission’s shield, was a target of the Traitors. This ruse cast doubts on Jasmine or Ross.

The episode’s mission involved pairs navigating a forest, carrying gold bars and answering questions to bypass traps. Andrew and Jaz were the only pair to complete the course, but Andrew was the sole contributor to the prize fund.

The roundtable discussion was rife with accusations, culminating in Ross receiving the most votes. He confessed to being a Traitor and revealed himself as Diane’s son, leaving the group in shock. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Traitors Andrew and Harry considered their next target from Jaz, Mollie, or Zack.

In the series’ penultimate episode, the game intensified with Zack becoming the latest casualty of the Traitors, reducing the players to six. Andrew and Jasmine felt increasing pressure before a new challenge presented by Claudia Winkleman. This challenge, involving puzzles and swords in stones, offered a chance to add £7,000 to the prize pot.


Traitor Harry, upon selecting the ‘sacred sword’, opted not to take the prize money, instead focusing on his long-term game plan. At the roundtable, Jasmine, a Faithful, was voted out. In a twist, no murder took place that night.

The final five players celebrated with a dinner party, preparing for the finale where the remaining Faithfuls and undetected Traitors will compete for a substantial prize.

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