The Traitors UK to air extended final tonight

The Traitors 2024 final five UK

The final episode of The Traitors is set to air tonight, marking the culmination of the psychological game of trust.

What time is The Traitors on tonight?

The remaining contestants have navigated Claudia Winkleman’s castle of treachery, with the Faithful aiming to eliminate the Traitors and claim the prize. The show concludes on Friday, 26 January at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

It’ll be an extended episode, running for 70 minutes. You’ll then be able to catch spin-off show Unlocked on BBC Two straight after.

The Traitors finalists

Five contestants have made it to the end, with two Traitors and three Faithfuls among the group.

Andrew (Traitor)

Andrew expresses great excitement and pride in reaching this stage, a feeling he hadn’t experienced in “20-odd years.” He mentions overcoming mental health struggles, regaining confidence through the show. “This has given me my confidence back,” he reflects.

He had reservations initially but ended up bonding with everyone. The show exceeded his expectations, particularly enjoying the missions and staying true to himself. Winning is less important to him than the experience and learning about himself. He humorously notes his lack of speed in missions and emphasizes how his family has been his driving force.

Evie (Faithful)

Evie finds her progress to the final five surreal yet deserving, citing her quiet but effective gameplay. A key moment was identifying Paul as a Traitor, which significantly impacted her game plan. She underestimated the show’s scale and intensity but adapted well.

Evie believed her low-profile strategy might succeed, stating, “My plan has been working… so far!” Winning would make her feel “really smart and accomplished.” She enjoyed the funeral mission for its over-the-top nature and how it helped her solidify suspicions. The show reinforced her belief that she doesn’t need to be the most noticeable person to succeed, valuing genuine connections.

Harry (Traitor)

Harry describes his progress as “mind-blown,” attributing it to a mix of strategy and luck. He fondly recalls the shield play in a tunnel mission as a highlight. Initially, Harry had no expectations and was surprised to last in the game.

He didn’t expect to reach the final five, feeling lucky with how others’ gameplay intertwined with his. Winning would be life-changing, especially at his young age. He enjoyed the missions, particularly the physical and mental challenges they presented. Harry learned about his mental strength and resilience in the show, a realization that surprised him.

The Traitors UK 2024 finalists group photo

Jaz (Faithful)

Jaz feels incredible about her journey, grateful for the hard work he put in. Initially wanting to be a Traitor, he adapted to being a Faithful, focusing on vigilance and strategy. A standout moment was being a team captain in a gold-digging mission.

The show exceeded his expectations, offering a larger and more intense experience. Jaz aimed to win to prove the strength of Faithfuls, valuing the experience over the prize money. He learned to appreciate life’s everyday moments and the importance of facing challenges head-on, saying, “You really have to appreciate a simple thing of being able to wake up every morning.”

Mollie (Faithful)

Mollie is ecstatic about reaching the final, having never expected to go this far. She highlights both the stress and excitement of the missions and forming close bonds with other contestants. Favorite moments include humorous incidents and successful Traitor catches.

The show surpassed her expectations in terms of friendships and experiences. Mollie didn’t anticipate reaching the final five, feeling that every day in the competition is a surprise. Winning would offer financial freedom and the chance to make up for lost time due to illness. She has gained confidence and resilience, saying, “I’m a much stronger person than I was going into it.”

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