Where to watch The Traitors UK reunion show

The Traitors Uncloaked with Ed Gamble poster

The Traitors UK reunion will air tonight straight after the final of the series.

It’s the last day of the supreme psychological trust game’s second series.

They have endured each banishment and murder in Claudia Winkleman’s castle of deceit, but everything hinges on today. Will the Faithful identify every Traitor and share the prize money, or will any Traitors stay hidden, claiming the substantial sum for themselves?

Following an extended final, spin-off Uncloaked will follow on BBC Two at 10:10PM, also airing a specially extended episode.

It will feature the finalists reuniting as they come face to face following what is sure to have been a dramatic round table to decide the winners.

The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman sitting in the castle

Ed Gamble presents the side show, an official visualised podcast for the ultimate reality game centred on trust and betrayal.

Alongside the contestants, Uncloaked features celebrity guests and devoted fans for in-depth analysis and reactions to the latest happenings in the castle.

Warning: Spoilers from The Traitors most recent episodes follow

In this week’s two episodes of The Traitors, tensions rose as the game neared its end.

Wednesday saw Traitors Harry, Andre, and Ross misleading the Faithfuls, leading to Ross’s dramatic revelation of his true role and his relationship to Diane. A forest mission added drama but only Andrew contributed to the prize fund.

Then last night brought heightened suspense with Zack’s elimination and a challenging puzzle task led by Claudia Winkleman. Traitor Harry strategically forwent prize money, and the episode concluded with Jasmine’s unexpected exit and a murder-free night, setting the stage for the final showdown.

Those left in the competition now are Traitors Harry and Andrew together with Faithfuls Mollie, Evie and Jaz.

The Traitors final airs at 9PM on BBC One, followed by Uncloaked on BBC Two from 10:10PM. You can also watch on BBC iPlayer.

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