The Circle’s Manrika ‘couldn’t get out of bed’ after death threats

The Circle’s Manrika has opened up about dealing with death threats after her time on the show.


Manrika finished as runner up on the Channel 4 series in Friday night’s final, beaten by her ‘Circle boyfriend’ Felix – who was really military policewoman Natalya.

During the series Manrika found herself on the receiving end of hate messages from trolls across social media.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she shared: “It’s taken a toll on my mental health that I didn’t expect. I couldn’t get out of bed all weekend. I was lying in the dark and I barely ate.”

Manrika continued: “Although Channel 4 have said they wanted to support me, they can’t. What can they do? What can they do to stop fake accounts and trolls?

“I took every measure to tone it down. I turned off my comments on Instagram, I turned off my comments on TikTok, I deleted my Twitter account.

“There were so many measures I took and it still wasn’t stopping.”

Manrika has since teamed up with her fellow players from The Circle to launch a new online campaign against trolling called #ThinkB4UPost.

She wrote: “In a world when you can be anything.. Be kind, think before you post.


“The last few weeks have been tough & we wanted, as a cast to make a difference for the future of TV ♥️”

Manrika previously spoke out about the hate she was receiving while the show was on air.

In a video shared on Instagram last month, Manrika said: “People are saying they’re going to kill my family, kill me, they know where I live. My mental health has taken a proper beating this weekend.

She continued: “I’m not doing this for sympathy I just want people to be mindful because there’s people out here who aren’t as thick skinned as me and the messages I’ve received could drive someone to do something stupid.

“It’s just so bad. I can’t tell you how bad it is. The same people are sending me hate will preach about being kind.”

She added: “You need to remember it’s a TV show and the way thing is edited are not as they seem and that’s all I’m going to say on the situation. Be mindful when you tweet about someone who does reality TV, a game show… be mindful, be f**king mindful.”

The Circle airs on Channel 4.


You can catch up with the latest series online now with episodes available on All 4.

Picture: Channel 4

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