The Circle’s Manrika reveals horrific death threats after latest blocking result

The Circle 2021 contestant Manrika has the revealed shocking abuse she’s received following the latest episode of the show.


Last Friday saw one more player voted out of The Circle – but not before another twist.

On Thursday, Dorothy (aka Scott) and Tally were voted into the bottom two by their fellow players in the latest round of ratings.

In the latest episode, Emma Willis arrived in The Circle to reveal that the fate of the bottom two would be decided by only one other player: The Blocker. The five safe players, Vithun, Gemma (James), Andy, Felix (Natalya) and Manrika each voted for who they wanted to be The Blocker.

Andy won the power and decided to block Tally – and viewers were left stunned.

Fans of the show were quick to share their thoughts online about Andy’s decision as well as Manrika – who decided to place Tally last in the rankings on Thursday to protect her ‘Circle Boyfriend’ Felix (who is really military policewoman Natalya).

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, Manrika posted a video in response to some of the horrific messages she had received.


Manrika said: “I was getting three hate messages every minute. These messages aren’t just telling me ‘I’m a t**t’, they’re telling me to kill myself, to hang myself.

“People are saying they’re going to kill my family, kill me, they know where I live. My mental health has taken a proper beating this weekend.”

She continued: “I’m not doing this for sympathy I just want people to be mindful because there’s people out here who aren’t as thick skinned as me and the messages I’ve received could drive someone to do something stupid.

“It’s just so bad. I can’t tell you how bad it is. The same people are sending me hate will preach about being kind.

“I can’t compare my situation to Caroline Flack but what I can say is if this what I feel now I can’t imagine what she was going through and how alone she must ave felt at the time.

“You need to remember it’s a TV show and the way thing is edited are not as they seem and that’s all I’m going to say on the situation.

“Be mindful when you tweet about someone who does reality TV, a game show… be mindful, be f**king mindful.”

If you ever need help, Samaritans offer confidential advice and support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone on 116 123 or online

The Circle continues on Channel 4 and All 4.


Before leaving The Circle for good, Tally will get the chance to meet another player.

Who she meets will be revealed in the next episode on Monday, 29 March. There is no episode on Sunday this weekend due to the F1 coverage on Channel 4.

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