The Circle winner Natalya reveals how she spent £100k prize money

Winner of The Circle 2021 Natalya Platonova has revealed how she spent the show’s £100,000 prize money.


Series 3 of The Circle concluded earlier this month in a special show hosted by Emma Willis.

Natalya was crowned winner of the latest series after secretly playing the show under the catfish persona of army boy Felix.

It was only in the final that Natalya revealed herself as a military police woman to her fellow players, much to the shock of her ‘Circle boyfriend’ Manrika.

In an interview The Sun newspaper, Natalya shared how she has been spending the £100,000 prize money.

“I haven’t bought anything for myself, I haven’t got round to that yet,” she explained. “I’ve given quite a big sum to my family. My parents have just renovated their house so I paid for that and my sister wants her teeth done so I helped out with that.

“I sent some money back to my Russian family, because it’s only my mum, dad and sister who live here in the UK, everyone else is still back in Russia.”


Natalya plans to use the rest of her winnings for a house deposit, adding: “I want to save up for a house, but they’re actually more expensive than I thought, so I might have to go on another game show… watch this space.”

Natalya went on to reveal she and the other players from The Circle are still in touch via WhatsApp and hope to meet up in person again once pandemic restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, the group have launched a new online campaign against online trolling called #ThinkB4UPost.

It follows Manrika opening up about receiving death threats during her time on the show.

Natalya said: “We’ve all been supporting her over the online abuse. Nothing you do on TV justifies getting death threats. I don’t see how people got so bothered about it.

“Everyone got their own individual online abuse and because we were watching it live we weren’t protected by it like you would have been on Love Island.”

The Circle airs on Channel 4.


You can catch up with the latest series online now with episodes available on All 4.

Picture: Channel 4

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