Survivor first look as contestants fight for immunity from second vote off

Here’s a first look at tonight’s second episode of Survivor UK as the reality show continues.

Yesterday’s first episode saw the launch of Survivor UK’s first series in more than twenty years.

18 contestants make up this year’s Survivor cast who yesterday took part in their first reward and immunity challenges.

Tonight, the dawn breaks following on yesterday’s action, revealing the individual eliminated from the defeated tribe.

Matthew and Christopher in the latest Survivor reward challenge

Laurence and Hannah in the Survivor episode two reward challenge

Members from both sides then compete fiercely for essential resources in the next reward challenge.

An unforeseen injury threatens the game for one tribe member, while both groups grapple with wilderness survival. Bonds start to take shape, but their reliability remains in question.

In the immunity challenge, tribes vie for safety in a frantic dash into the ocean. Who will secure victory and sidestep the dreaded Tribal Council vote? And which contestant will be the next to depart from Survivor?

The contestants are competing for a huge cash prize.

Nathan and Doug in the reward challeng

Ren and Rachel in the challenge

Speaking about the Tribal Council, host Joel Dommett said: “I’m the pot stirrer! I’m asking those questions that they don’t want to ask themselves and they have to answer. So I’m basically just teasing stuff out of them, it is so much fun.

“What’s beautiful about it is that they might go to Tribal Council and they all are confident, they’re like, ‘Yeah, we all know what’s going to happen’. Then by the end of Tribal Council, they think something completely different because it all goes out the window as one person says something or another person says something accidentally.

Joel Dommett poses in front of Survivor sign

“It’s like throwing the cat amongst the pigeons a bit. My job is to create a little bit of havoc!”

Survivor UK continues tonight on BBC One at 8PM. You can watch the brand new episode now online via BBC iPlayer.

The series will continue next Saturday and Sunday night.

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