Is Survivor UK on tonight? Final TV schedule

Survivor is back with a brand new series on the BBC and its final is this weekend!

Joel Dommett takes on the role of host in this all-new series of the ultimate physical and psychological competition.

The adventure unfolds with 18 individuals across the UK, stranded in a tropical setting. Here, they are divided into two tribes, locked in fierce competition encompassing a variety of physical and mental trials, all in the quest for either rewards or immunity.

Joel Dommett

As the game progresses, contestants are systematically voted off. Eventually, the two tribes will converge, transforming the competition into a head-to-head showdown.

Survivor next episode and final

Survivor will air on BBC One on Saturday and Sunday nights for eight weeks – that’s sixteen episodes in total.

The FINAL two episodes both air on Saturday, 16 December at 6PM and then from 9:05PM.

You’ll also be able to watch online via BBC iPlayer with each weekend’s episodes available to stream from Saturday nights.

When is the Survivor final?

The grand final will air on Saturday night, 16 December. Both episodes will air the same night at 6PM and then at 9:05PM.

In the end, only one person can emerge triumphant, seizing the coveted £100,000 cash prize and earning the esteemed title of Sole Survivor. Ahead of the final, catch up on the latest results here.

Meet the contestants

In the first episode, we’re introduced the Survivor cast before the two tribes are immediately thrust into competition during their initial reward challenge.

The 18 castaways face a gruelling test of stamina to secure essential supplies. As the challenge unfolds, divisions begin to surface, and the true nature of their personalities is laid bare. The tribe that falls short in this demanding environment faces the challenge of coping with their loss.

Survivor cast group photo

In addition to the reward challenge, the tribes also engage in their inaugural immunity challenge, a test of remarkable endurance. For the tribe that comes up short, it signifies a showdown at sunset during Tribal Council, where they must make the difficult decision to vote one of their own out.

Which tribe will emerge victorious in the first immunity challenge? And who will be the first castaway to leave the game, seeing their aspirations of winning £100,000 and claiming the title of Sole Survivor crumble?

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