Survivor UK 2023 spoilers, results and winner from the new series

Here’s a spoiler filled recap of the Survivor UK results from the new 2023 series, including who won.

Joel Dommett hosts the brand new show on BBC One featuring 18 participants in the picturesque Dominican Republic.

Split into two opposing tribes, they’ll inhabit isolated coastlines, erect their own makeshift homes, brave nature’s fury, and engage in monumental tasks either for valued rewards or for immunity.

Meet the contestants

Eighteen contestants started Survivor 2023, split into two tribes.

At the start, making up the Orange Tribe – Caleton – were Shai, Richard, Matthew, Jess, Rachel G, Leilani, Laurence, Tinuke and Nathan.

The Survivor contestants

On the Blue Tribe – La Nena – were Pegleg, Sabrina, Ren, Ashleigh, Doug, Lee, Hannah, Christopher and Rach C.

Who won Survivor UK?

In the grand final, it was Matthew who was crowned winner of Survivor 2023, taking home a prize of £100,000.

He was voted the winner by the jury, made up of the show’s recently eliminated contestants. Matthew faced Christopher and Leilani in the final three. Matthew had six voted while Christopher and Leilani had one vote each from the jury.

Survivor UK winner Matthew

Recap all the results from the series below…

Survivor UK results and spoilers

Episode 1

In the first episode, as soon as the teams were formed, they faced off in a gruelling challenge to secure essential supplies. As rifts started to emerge and characters were pushed to their limits, the defeated tribe grappled with the unforgiving wilderness.

Both tribes also confronted their maiden immunity challenge, demanding sheer stamina and persistence. For the tribe on the losing end, it was a tense rendezvous at Tribal Council where a member was voted out.

La Lena won both the reward and immunity challenge, seeing Caleton face the first tribal council.

With seven votes, Richard was eliminated.


Episode 2

In episode two, the tribes fought – quite literally in the latest reward challenge for a box of fishing supplies. Meanwhile, the second immunity challenge saw the tribes fight for survival as they raced into the sea to collect materials which they had to use to build the tallest tower.

La Lena won the reward challenge however ended up facing the second tribal council after Caleton won the immunity task.

With five votes, Sabrina was eliminated.


Episode 3

In episode three, the two tribes competed in a water race. They had to go head to head around a course while carrying a total of 50kg of weight.

Caleton won the immunity task for a second time running, seeing La Lena return to the tribal council.

With five votes, Rach was eliminated.


Episode 4

In episode four, the reward challenge saw members from each tribe to go head to head in a race through water to ring a bell. Caleton won the challenge, securing themselves a barbecue feast.

In the immunity challenge, the teams raced to stack a tower of blocks suspended precariously on a base held up by strings.

La Lena won the task, seeing Caleton head to the tribal council. However, instead of an elimination, Caleton had to vote to to send one of their members to the other tribe. With the most votes, Leilani left Caleton and joined La Lena .

Episode 5

In episode five, La Lena smashed the latest immunity challenge, sending Caleton back to tribal council for another elimination.

With four votes, Rachel became the fourth person to be voted out leaving Caleton yet another member down.


Episode 6

Episode six opened with a huge twist as three members of each tribe met with host Joel. He revealed that the groups each had to decide two members to move to the opposing tribe. Pegleg and Doug went from La Lena to Caleton while Matthew and Tinuke switched from Caleton to La Lena.

The two shuffled tribes then took part in the latest immunity challenge, which was won by Caleton.

La Lena therefore went to tribal council where, with four votes, Ren was eliminated.


Episode 7

In episode seven, La Lena triumphed in the latest immunity challenge, sending Caleton back to tribal council for another elimination.

With the most votes, Jess became the sixth person to be voted out, leaving Caleton as an all male tribe.

Matthew and Christopher in the latest Survivor reward challenge

Episode 8

In the eighth episode of the series, La Lena once again won the immunity challenge, seeing them secure another night in camp as one. As a result, Caleton were forced to head back to face Joel at the tribal council.

With three votes, Shai became the latest person to be voted off Survivor.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed the two tribes would now merge as the remaining contestants go head to head to compete for the prize.

Episode 9

In episode nine the two tribes merged and it was everybody for themselves. Doug won the immunity challenge, saving himself from the latest vote-off. In the Survivor Auction, Christopher won an extra vote at the Tribal Council as well as a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

At the tribal council, Lee became the eighth person to be eliminated. He also became the first member of the jury who will help decide the ultimate winner in the final of the series.


Episode 10

In the tenth episode of the series, Pegleg won the immunity challenge and saved himself from the next vote-off.

At the tribal council, Christopher played his immunity idol meaning any votes for him wouldn’t count. With four votes for Christopher discounted, Ashleigh became the tenth person to be voted out of Survivor. She joined Lee on the jury to decide the winner at the end of the series.


Episode 11

In Episode 11, Tinuke won safety from the vote off in the latest immunity challenge.

At the tribal council, Doug became the latest to be eliminated and the third member of the jury.


Episode 12

In the next episode, Christopher and Matthew won the next reward challenge. In the immunity challenge, the remaining players faced an obstacle course. Laurence won and saved himself from the vote off.

In the tribal council, Tinuke became the eleventh person to be eliminated and the fourth member of the jury.


Episode 13

In the thirteenth episode, Christopher won himself safety in the immunity challenge. Nathan also got lucky, securing an immunity idol.

With two immune contestants, the next tribal council saw Laurence voted off and join the jury.

Joel Dommett hosts the Survivor UK final

Episode 14

In the latest episode, Christopher, Hannah and Pegleg enjoyed the latest reward – the Survivor Spa. Later, the latest immunity challenge was won by Pegleg, securing him safety from the latest vote-off.

In the tribal council, Nathanbecame the thirteen person to be voted off and the sixth member of the jury who will decide the winner.


Episode 15 (The Final)

The first part of the final, Christopher won the immunity challenge, saving himself from the next vote off. At the tribal council, it was Pegleg who was voted off and joined the jury.

In the second half of the final, Christopher once again won immunity and secured his place in the final three. In the last vote off, it was Hannah who left leaving Christopher, Leilani and Matthew as the final three.

Survivor continues Saturday and Sunday nights on BBC One.

You’ll also be able to watch online via BBC iPlayer with both weekend’s episodes available to stream from Saturday nights.

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