Survivor UK first look at tonight’s opening episode


Survivor kicks off its first UK series in more than twenty years tonight.

Joel Dommett invites 18 participants to the shores of the Dominican Republic for the ultimate test of strength and wits.

Split into two competing groups, they’ll reside on secluded beaches, construct their own havens, endure nature’s fury, and compete fiercely in thrilling challenges for either rewards or safety.

Joel with the cast.
Joel with the cast. Credit: BBC/Remarkable
Teams prepare for Dead Weight
Teams prepare for Dead Weight. Credit: BBC/Remarkable
Pegleg, Sabrina, Ren, Ashleigh, Doug, Lee, Hannah, Christopher, Rach C
Pegleg, Sabrina, Ren, Ashleigh, Doug, Lee, Hannah, Christopher, Rach C. Credit: BBC/Remarkable

Gradually, members are eliminated from their groups at the legendary Tribal Council. As the game progresses, the two factions unite, intensifying the competition into an individual contest.

In the end, only one contestant emerges victorious, securing the £100,000 cash reward and the esteemed title of Sole Survivor.

In tonight’s episode, the groups face off in their inaugural reward challenge: a gruelling race to secure essential provisions.

As tensions rise and characters are pushed to their limits, the defeated group grapples with the relentless surroundings.

Rach C
Rach C. Credit: BBC/Remarkable
Survivor,28-10-2023,Ep 1,1,Pegleg, Lee, Doug, Sabrina,Remarkable
The Race for Fire
The Race for Fire. Credit: BBC/Remarkable

Both groups also go head-to-head in their first immunity contest, a demanding test of stamina. For the group that comes up short, they’ll face the daunting prospect of Tribal Council at dusk, where they must make the difficult decision of voting one member out.

Which group will claim victory in the first immunity challenge? And who will be the first to exit the competition, shattering their hopes of clinching £100,000 and being crowned the Sole Survivor?

Joel shares: “I’m aware of how much of a huge format it is around the world, it’s probably one of the biggest and to be trusted with it is a huge compliment. I think it’s really great, and hopefully long may it last, it feels like it’s a really good time for it.

The Race for Fire
The Race for Fire. Credit: BBC/Remarkable
The Race for Fire
The Race for Fire. Credit: BBC/Remarkable
Dead Weight
Dead Weight. Credit: BBC/Remarkable

“I feel like there’s a lot of shows that happened over the last 20 years that led us to this point and I feel like people are going to welcome it with open arms. Anyone who knows the Survivor format already will know they’re in for an absolute treat, and if you don’t then I’m confident you’re going to love it.”

Survivor UK begins on Saturday, 28 October at 8:25PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

The second episode will be available online straight after the first and air on TV on Sunday, 29 October at 8PM.

The sixteen-part series will then continue on Saturday and Sunday nights throughout the autumn.

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