Simon Cowell’s off camera reaction to lookalike choir

Simply Simon
Simply Simon on Britain's Got Talent. Credit: ITV/Thames

Simon Cowell was left astounded during Saturday’s episode of Britain’s Got Talent when he was greeted by a choir of one hundred look-alikes performing on stage.


The group, dubbed The Simon Cowell Choir, delivered a memorable performance that clearly made an impact on the famed judge.

On Monday, members of the choir shared details of their unique experience on ITV’s Lorraine.

They recounted Simon’s warm off-screen reaction after their performance. “He actually came on the stage after and he spent so long hugging everyone and saying hi to everyone which was so lovely,” one choir member said.

Another added: “We idolise him. For what he has done for the entertainment industry not just nationally but globally. That’s why we wanted to do a tribute to him.

“Then for him to come on stage and just spend time talking to us and saying thank you, you know what, it just made us glad we did this. Dream come true to meet him as well.”

The act began with one member singing Tina Turner’s Simply the Best, escalating quickly as the full group of look-alikes, all dressed in white shirts, jet-black wigs, and sunglasses, joined in.


Simon’s reaction in the latest episode was one of complete surprise, as he was captured on camera gasping, “Oh my God.”

The spectacle continued to grow, leading audience members to react with excitement.

Ant joked on the sidelines, “It’s like a nightmare I had once.”


The choir received four yes-votes, advancing them to the next round, despite some fans claiming Simon “broke show rules” by voting on behalf of the whole panel for a positive result.

The show continues on Sunday night on ITV1.