Paloma Faith thinks The X Factor is better than The Voice UK

paloma faith

Paloma Faith has revealed she thinks The X Factor has the edge over The Voice UK.

Paloma was a coach on The Voice in its final year on BBC One alongside, Boy George and Ricky Wilson.

Now in a recent interview, Paloma has suggested that rival series The X Factor is in fact the better show.

She explained: "[On The Voice] There's no system in place to support the artists. It's just like, all right, we've finished filming, off you go."

Paloma praised Simon Cowell, telling The Telegraph: "Simon Cowell supports the people on his shows.

Simon Cowell X Factor 2017
Simon Cowell X Factor 2017

"He's emotionally invested in making it work because he doesn't want to ever be defeated. I don't think there's anyone else doing that."

The singer - who went to Number 1 with new album The Architect last year - also thinks big stars wouldn't do well on The Voice UK.

Paloma told Attitude magazine (via the Daily Mirror): “I don’t think David Bowie would have made it through on The Voice, never mind my chances, or those of Boy George.”

Recalling the final series on BBC One, Paloma faith spoke of her act Jordan Gray and Boy George's contestant Cody Frost.

“At the end of the finals Boy George and I looked at each other - it was live and he just went, ‘We’re f*****!’" she said. “I tried to help make the first transgender pop star the winner and George had this gothic lesbian who he was championing.

"And we were both obsessed by each other’s choice.

“When the votes started coming in there was a modicum of hope for us that together we might do something amazing and innovative and exciting, then we were like, ‘nope, we are f*****!’"

Paloma also suggested that The Voice UK's 'fast track' process didn't help create long term success.


“I do feel like it’s unrealistic the time frame they’re given on The Voice,” she said. “Ten years of singing in pubs with no one listening to me was vital to me as an artist and you can’t get that in a couple of months.”

The Voice UK continues Saturday nights on ITV.

Olly Murs joins the show this year alongside, Sir Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson.

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