The Apprentice's Claude Littner said NO to Strictly Come Dancing

The Apprentice 2015

The Apprentice's Claude Littner has revealed he turned down to Strictly Come Dancing.

Now that would have been a sight.

Alas, it's not going to be.

"I've been asked to do Strictly, but I can't dance," he let slip to the DigitalSpy website this week.

And before you ask, no, Claude won't be popping up on Celebrity Big Brother or I'm A Celebrity either.

He said: "Although I would enjoy watching those programmes, it's not for me. I'm too old, and I'm just a bit too serious, really."

But what about all The Apprentice candidates who often go on to take part in such shows?

Katie Hopkins, Luisa Zissman and James Hill are just a few of the names to stick around in the public eye post The Apprentice.

Claude said: "Good luck to them. They're young people. They're keen to make a living."

He went on: "If someone chooses to go on Big Brother or take their top off or do whatever they want to do - if it was my daughter, I wouldn't advocate it - but if that's what they want to do, if they think that's the way to get some notoriety or just some money, it's a shame.

"For Luisa [Zissman], I remember interviewing her, and she looked like she was half-asleep. But she actually had a very good business plan, and I thought she was a very good businesswoman, I really did.

"She didn't win, and she decided to go off, and I suppose she's done alright for herself. She's made good money, and good luck to her."

The Apprentice 2016 kicks off tonight on BBC One from 9PM with a brand new batch of candidates.

We wonder which of them we'll meet in the Celebrity Big Brother house next year...

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